Relatable Gem: Wheein – Easy ft Sik K

I’ve been neglecting kpop and as I’ve sort of finished my studies I decided to start listening to music again.

The first that I accidentally checked out was Wheein’s Easy. Let’s dive in shall we?


It has a funky beat. Okay, maybe funky is a strong word. But it has a jump to it, a move my shoulders beat. A bob my head beat. A dance like a cool cat beat.

I don’t know if you’re getting me lol. All in all I liked it. It was easy (aha punny) and got me bobbing my head and shoulder dancing.



There isn’t much dancing in the music video but the little dancing that was there I really enjoyed. She has a way of dancing that’s so easy and cool. Add that with the look on her face and it looked so cool. I don’t use this word at all but she had a lot of swag.

If there is a full dance for this song I would love to see it because it was right up my alley.

Music Video

It was cute and clever. The guy was being rude though. I mean it was funny on the one hand but on the other hand it was like, “Er excuse me young sir?”

I like that the mv went along with the lyrics in a creative way. It made sense and it wasn’t boring.

I especially liked the ending. I bet a lot of women have wanted to do at one time or another.


The reason why I think this song is relatable is because of the lyrics. She talks about her boyfriend taking her for an easy girl. He’s not paying attention to her. She adjusted to him and now she realises she needs to or can set herself free from him. #Cue my sassy girl finger waving She don’t need him! Then Sik K comes in and is like, “No I do love you, give me another chance even though I’m troublesome” (paraphrasing).

I can relate to that. It’s weird when you find a song and you’re like, “Wait, did you make this for me?”

Thank you Wheein, I shall be enjoying this song.

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