Hidden Gem: J Rabbit – Monday to Sunday

I came onto this song when I was watching Jealousy Incarnate. Now I’ve already talked about that kdrama on here so I won’t talk about it again. I did say at the end of that post that the soundtrack for the drama was good and it really was! Monday to Sunday was by far my favourite out of the OST’s.

I don’t know anything about J Rabbit or her previous stuff. All I know is this song is right up my alley!

It’s cute, it’s jazzy and it lightened up the drama. Honestly sometimes this song would save a scene. The song would start playing and I’d be like yes! It’s time for me to relax and to dance, good times are coming up ahead! There is no way you can feel sad listening to this song.

I have two posts on joyful songs, this one would make it on those lists easy!


I like how she mixes English and Korean effortlessly. At first I thought they’d added a Western song to the drama and I was like, “Oh that’s new”, but then I heard the Korean and I was like, “No it’s Korean!”

There’s just something about her voice! It’s unique and I love voices like hers. That is another reason I immediately fell in love with the song. It feels indy and quirky.


There’s a lot of repetition but I’m not mad at it. It does get into your head pretty quick though. When I say I struggled to find this song, I struggled! I kept remembering, “Let’s talk about me and you and me and you … You’re all mine! That’s all mine!” And I’d type that in and the song wouldn’t come up. When I searched in relation to Jealousy Incarnate then I finally found it.

The lyrics made me laugh a little because they apply SOOOO well to Hwashin in the drama. He’s so full of himself and then he falls head over heels for Na Ri and it drives him crazy! And eventually he’s like, “Girl you’re mine”. That’s basically the song.

I feel it captures what it’s like to fall for someone. Sometimes it’s out of nowhere and it can drive you crazy.

This part encompasses the song well:

Why do you drive me crazy?
Monday to Sunday, every day
Yes, You’re mine
That’s all mine

Check out the song, I highly recommend it. Until next time,


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