Muse of the Weekend

At church someone was reading the mission story and she talked about how in the world outside of Christianity people don’t believe in the Devil. I thought to myself, that is very true and I always found it strange.

For one people believe in ghosts and evil spirits, not everyone mind you, and those people still don’t truly believe in the Devil. So where do the evil spirits come from?

And there are people who are quick to blame God for all the bad that happens in the world and they ask me how can you believe in God? And I’m always like because my life could be much, much worse but whenever I’ve prayed or someone has prayed for me God has helped me. Also because the Devil is very real and I know he wants me dead or ruined or broken, he’ll settle for either or all.

But then I realised it’s not a given that people believe in the Devil. There are people who genuinely think he’s fiction. And I’m like okay fair enough don’t believe but if you’re not going to believe in the Devil don’t believe in God.

I mean try to understand Christianity before judging Christianity. We believe the Devil is real (I can’t speak for all of us but most of us do) and we believe in God and we believe that He’s more powerful and that He’s got our backs. He’ll have your back too all you have to do is ask.

I would advise reading the Bible to understand more for yourself, because both God and the Devil are in it from the beginning. I mean who tempted Eve?

In some ways it’s at moments like these that I prefer Atheists. With Atheists they don’t believe in any deity any Devil, they believe in science, just science. That makes sense, that’s consistent. But picking and choosing to believe in one thing and not the other confuses me. If you truly don’t believe in God then why do you think He lets bad things happen to you? If He doesn’t exist bad things happen to you just because. That makes more sense logically than saying I don’t believe in God and in the same sentence believing that He lets bad things happen to you. If you don’t believe in Him then to you He doesn’t exist!

Or saying I don’t believe in God but at the same time believing in heaven… what? Why pick and choose parts to believe in? It makes no sense to me.

Anyway, those were thoughts of the weekend. Don’t mind me,


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