Brennan – I get her

Yes there are spoilers 

Someone told me that Bones went downhill when Brennan got with Booth. I’ve started watching the show for myself and I strongly disagree with that assessment. I’m not writing this post to talk about why the show ended but rather about the positive and realistic impact Brennan’s relationship with Booth had on her.

So before Booth she was cold and detached. She felt that she was strong in the way she was able to keep her emotions out of her job and I guess life in general. She equated emotions and letting people in with weakness.

Then she met Booth and she learned that having emotions and allowing oneself to feel is not necessarily a bad thing. It can actually be a strength. To allow oneself to feel even if it hurts takes a lot of courage.

The walls Brennan had were to protect herself. They protected her from getting her heart broken or experiencing disappointment. She was strong in her impermeable ness. She even says this on the show.

However Booth got her to lower her walls and to experience a new strength.

I think that’s realistic. Considering the trauma that she experienced as a child it makes sense that she had such strong walls up. It also makes sense that Booth was the one who brought the walls down. He was consistent in his care for her. He defended her and was positive and warm. That kind of personality can melt someone like Brennan.

I also relate to her. I have experienced having walls and letting the walls down. Experiencing all that emotion is annoying and it takes work to handle but having walls does not equate strength, it just delays the inevitable. Sooner or later you have to face the feelings you kept at bay.

Plus she did not change fundamentally after opening up because of Booth. Her personality remained intact but she just learned how to let people in and to experience her emotions.

I actually really like Brennan’s development. It’s fun to watch her grow, open up and experience new things in life. She gets to experience love and motherhood. But she still keeps her blunt but kind personality, which I also enjoy.

That is all!

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