Waiting for you Anpanman!

*starts doing the original Harlem shake* Ay! This finna be my jam!

You know me and my love for BTS! I’m back baby and I am living for this comeback! At first I was worried that all the songs were going to be sentimental and I just thought to myself, “I need a song to jam to”, and then they came out with Anpanman and I was like, “You are truly one of my favourites!” It was like they read my mind!

So let’s talk about the song:

It’s well made yo! You see I’ve just listened to it and it’s put me in a silly mood. It’s such a fun and energetic song. I was reading comments that said it suits J Hope and V very well and I 100% agree. This song is theirs! It’s silly, it’s fun and bright and it lets you be silly.

I said above that I wanted a light hearted song and I really did. I needed a song that could let me get loose and dance my troubles away. This song lets me do that.

I also like that they play with their voices a little bit. Especially when they sing the “Waiting for you Anpanman!” part. I also like how playful RapMon and Suga are. They’re having fun and it translates to us and it makes me enjoy the stage more.

The dance:

They incorporated the original Harlem shake and it is one of my favourite old school dances! It suits the song so well with it’s muted swag and it’s fun element.

Again like the song the dance is fun and light hearted. They don’t go as hard and that’s good because that suits the song more. It also leaves more room to freestyle which is always fun. Each stage is slightly different and that makes me want to watch them more.

The lyrics:

I was curious about the meaning of the song. Without looking at the translation I thought it was about a superhero and how they’re a superhero or they’re waiting for one. Or that they’re our superhero. And having read the lyrics I was partially right?

Anyway it’s about how they want to be a hero for someone but they know that they’re lacking in places. But they’re not letting that hold them back, they’ll keep trying and trying so that they can be that person’s strength and so that they can protect that person. They’re saying have faith in Anpanman. (Is Anpan some kind of word play?)

I like the meaning behind the song and you can look at it two different ways. You can look at it as they want to protect a romantic interest or a loved one or their fans or all three.

The lyrics that I like the most are these:

To be honest
I’m scared of falling
And of turning you down
But, even if it takes up all my strength
I will be sure that I stay by your side
Although I’ll fall again
I’ll make a mistake again
And I’ll be covered in mud
I believe in myself because I’m a hero
Yeah, yeah

(I got the lyrics from lyricsmode.com)

Okay so let me talk a little bit about Fake Love and Airplane pt. 2.

Fake Love is deep in a way I didn’t expect. The love is fake because he or she changed to the point where they’re like, “Who are you?” Like they lost themselves and are having trouble finding themselves. They changed for the significant other but now they don’t know who they are and the significant other is also like who are you and then they’re like, “Huh but I did it for you.” And that’s not true love hence the title. Knowing the lyrics makes me like the song more, it’s deep.

Fake Love is one of them songs I’m going to add to my bank. Songs that fit a situation so well that you don’t even need to speak. When you’re in such a situation (I hope you don’t get into such a situation) you can just stick this song on and be like, “I’m so sick of this fake love!”

Man the song is angsty, it’s perfect for a teenage or adult angst movie or TV show.

Moving on to Airplane pt. 2, it’s suave! I feel that this song is perfect for the world tour BTS is about to go on. And because it’s part two it draws your attention to J Hope’s mixtape because then people will be like, “Which is part one?” Well played BTS.

I enjoy the stage too, the dancing is cute and I like how they incorporated the mic. Also the vocal unit is killing it! As for the lyrics it’s a humble brag. They’ve worked hard and people doubted them in the beginning but they’re still shining and working and succeeding. They’ve travelled all over the world and they don’t know how to stop the hustle! I like the song, they’re showing us they’re living their dream but they’re still humble. And the brag element isn’t a bad thing, you’ve got to acknowledge your successes. Sometimes I feel like I and others dwell too much on our failures thinking we’re being humble but no, you can celebrate your success and still be humble. It’s a balance BTS has seemed to conquer.

The lines that are stuck in my mind:

We goin’ from NY to Cali
London to Paris
Wherever we go, that place is party
El Mariachi
El Mariachi
El Mariachi

What is your favourite song from the comeback?

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