Christian Musicians You Should Check Out

At camp I realised not everyone is aware of the great Christian musicians that are out there in the world and I wanted to share them with you today.

Papa San

My parents and I recently went to a Papa San concert. This is the second one I’ve been to. But even before we went to his concerts I’ve been a fan of his since my dad would play his CDs in the car.

He’s from Jamaica and he got saved, became a Christian, and uses music as a way to reach others and to preach and to share his testimony.

His music is fun and will make you move whilst also teaching you something. Each song has a message and I like that. He knows how to be real with his music and I think that is why he has been popular amongst Christians for so long.

Sherwin Gardner

He’s another Caribbean musician but from Trinidad. He also incorporates Gospel with reggae.

With Sherwin he’s sweeter. He makes songs that really touch your soul. He’s not a rapper like Papa San but a singer, and so obviously they are different in sound.

Sherwin talks about life experiences. He also talks about the grace of God and the love of God and what it means. A song I would recommend you to listen to, to get an idea of what he’s like and to introduce you to his music ministry is: Closer.


Similar to Papa San he also became a Christian in the late 90’s and his music changed to reflect that. He used to be a dancehall DJ but changed and made gospel reggae music. He is also from Jamaica.

He is a rapper and he is very real in his music. He will tell you about his life, he will tell about the Devil and how he is out there ruining lives and he will tell you about God and how He’s there to save your life.

He observes Christian behaviour and honestly comments on it, which is refreshing. He is also uplifting and positive.

A song I recommend is: Real Life Story.


I love Gaither and anyone who truly knows me knows this. They are different from everyone else on this list. They are country gospel singers brought together by Bill and Gloria Gaither, hence the name. Through Gaither gospel videos I got to meet a whole lot of country gospel singers like The Issacs, The Martins, Jeff and Sherri Easter, The Goodmans, Jake Hess and many more.

They also have Christian comedians like Mark Lowry and there’s the Gaither Vocal Band. Yo, they have it all and if you are a fan of country music I really recommend you check out the videos.

A song I recommend because it’s in my head right now is: Yahweh by The Hoppers. Ooh also check out: Mary Did you Know by Mark Lowry (yeah he sings too).

Donnie McClurkin

I’ve recently gotten into him. He has been in the business for a long while and he has many choir songs that are strong favourites. However I’ve only just gotten into him because we have this CD of his and I really enjoyed it.

What I like about Donnie is that wherever he goes he tries to speak in the language of the people he is singing to. He’s American but if he goes to Latin America he learns a song in Spanish or brings along a Latinx singer. If he goes to Europe he learns songs in the language of whichever country he’s going to. He even learned As the Deer in Japanese for when he went to Japan.

I don’t know about you but I respect that. Not a lot of singers do that. By doing that the audience is not just sung to but they get to participate in the worship. It’s not just about him but about worshipping God together. I think that’s beautiful.

The song I recommend from him is: Our God is an Awesome God and Our God is a Good God.

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