Seeking the Lost: Evangelism through Song

I was thinking about songs and what they mean the other day. At my church Seeking the Lost is a church favourite. If you ask them what’s our favourite hymn they’ll say 373.

We sang it recently and I was thinking on the lyrics and what it meant and why they’d chosen it for that particular service. It then hit me; it is a song about evangelism!

It’s obvious when you look at the lyrics but I’ve honestly just thought about it.

It’s a hymn talking about us, Christians, going out into the world and seeking those who are lost. Those who do not know Jesus but can if we but tell them about Him. The way it’s sung as well is joyfully showing us that we should evangelise with joy and good cheer.

I feel that it really does capture the verse:

15 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

Mark 16: 15

The song also talks about Jesus’ sacrifice and what He did for us so that we may be saved. It reminds us of that so that when we go out into the world we may share that good news with others.

It really is the perfect evangelism song and it is interesting that our church loves it so much.

I’m not going to put all the lyrics up for you, I encourage you to look them up or to listen to the hymn for yourself but I wanted to share the chorus with you as it captures the hymn well:

Going afar upon the mountain,
Bringing the wand’rer back again, back again,
Into the fold of my Redeemer,
Jesus, the Lamb for sinners slain, for sinners slain.

That is all, until next time,


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