Best Zombie Movie: Zombieland

I despise zombies. They are such a pointless villain. I mean, what are they? They’re dead and so need brains. But when they eat brains they don’t get smarter, so what’s the point? They’re pointless!

Having said that I do have one zombie movie that I liked and did not hate. That movie is Zombieland!

It was without angst, it didn’t waste time with zombie lore and it was heartwarming.

I know there are many other zombie movies that people like but they didn’t really speak to me, not like this one. It had the right combination of heart and comedy.

Tallahassee was the funniest character in the movie. He didn’t give a crap, all he wanted was some Twinkies. I got attached to his quest for Twinkies. I wondered if he would ever be reunited with his Twinkies. Would he ever experience the taste again? Those were the real questions the movie raised up.

It also raised up questions of survival. What would you do in a land you once called home if it was overrun by zombies? What would you do to survive? Wichita and Little Rock prove to be very savvy at surviving. Also Bill Murray, although his method was a little too convincing.

Columbus proved that even in times of turmoil the quest for love still lives on! Perhaps that’s a method of survival, still seeing the good even when in a bad situation. No matter the bad news that he received he carried on carrying on. He brings light to the other characters like Tallahassee and he ties the other characters together. He starts the movie looking for family and even though he finds out his family is dead he eventually makes a new family with the gang.

The search for family, the search for love and the quest for survival is what makes me love this movie. Also the hilarity with best kill of the week or day made me love the film. I still can’t get over the piano one, how did she get that up there? It looked cool and was funny but that was a lot of effort for one kill.

That’s my favourite zombie movie, what’s yours?

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