Let’s Talk About: Teen Wolf

(The feature picture is a shout out to my favourite mythological creature on the show)

I’ve recently rewatched Teen Wolf as it is on Netflix. That’s right, it’s on there so if you haven’t watched it stop reading and go and watch it right now!!!

I’ve been wanting to talk about television series and so I’m going to go right on ahead and start with Teen Wolf! There shall be spoilers in this post so go and watch it first before reading any further.

Teen Wolf is a good show. Each season a new myth was tackled or a new spin on the werewolf myth was tackled and it made for an interesting show. When I first started it I thought it’d just be about werewolves and that’s it. In fact I thought the villains were going to be pretty cut and dry. But the show surprised me from season 1 to season 6a (I didn’t watch 6b and I’ll get into that later). The characters were so rich and I really liked how Jeff Davis liked to pull the carpet out from under the viewers feet. Everything was a surprise and I loved it!

Ok so I shall start from season 1!

It was a good start. We got straight into the werewolf myth from episode one. It was scary, he was so big and scary, he actually freaked me out. It was cool how they handled the myth and people’s reactions to it. It was realistic and it wasn’t forced. They went from being skeptical to believing after seeing undeniable proof.

We also went into the hunter mythology from season 1. It was very American Dragon to have Allison be the hunters daughter and a hunter herself. I enjoyed it though, it gave her character more depth. And can I just say her dad was hot. Real hot. The actor who plays him *faints* beautiful.

My favourite thing about season 1 was Kate. She was diabolical. She was an actual psychopath, what she did to the Hale’s was horrible and it was interesting how the hunter was the bad guy and the one who had done the horrible crime. It then turned into Peter getting revenge for his family and himself. Although he killed Laura and tried to kill Allison which is what sealed his fate. He shouldn’t have done that. It was sad though that he kept getting burnt.

An interesting point of mythology that was brought up was that if Scott had killed Peter he would have been “cured” but I don’t think Scott could kill someone like that.

Season 2:

Due to the events of season 1 more hunters roll into town. Kate’s father the even more diabolical Gerard. This one is the one where Lydia goes crazy or is perceived to be going crazy.

I liked how they took a twist on the werewolf myth with the whole kanima thing. I thought giant alpha Peter was scary but the kanima was just frightening. I loved the reactions of the characters as well. It was realistic that they were horrified. The whole thing with the kanima was that when one got the bitten it brought out what you had inside. Jackson was not a good person and he turned into the kanima however the kanima was controlled by a master and sought a master instead of a pack. So Jackson wasn’t doing it out of evil but because he was being controlled. They took an unlikable character and gave him great development. How they saved him and that whole struggle was beautiful. Also the connection he had with Lydia, that melted me.

The true villain really was Gerard. He was selfish and a hypocrite. He broke the hunters code and just twisted people for his own means, even Allison. It’s not hard to see why Kate turned out the way she did when you consider Gerard. Allison almost went the same way but really she was grieving. And about that, her mother was in the wrong. She tried to kill Scott because he was having sex with Allison. I mean, I get being mad but resorting to murder. You don’t go trying to kill werewolves without being prepared and without just means so I didn’t feel sorry for her. I did, however, feel sorry for Argent and Allison. He had to kill her like, come on! It was her decision she should have done that herself. How did Argent turn out so well amongst his crazy family members… am i biased?

Another plot point was Scott resisting joining Derek’s pack. They thought he was an omega but no baby, man was a potential alpha! New werewolves get introduced as Derek was making betas. My favourite was Isaac of course and the others grew on me.

I liked how season 3 was set up from season 2. The alphas and the fact that they were coming was set up in advance and that increased the hype.

Season 3:

This was one of the two part seasons. 3a was about the darac (spelling definitely wrong) and the alphas. Deucalion was a man who lost his way and now led a pack full of alphas. The lady with no shoes annoyed me so much I was gunning for her defeat. I wasn’t even sad when Jennifer got her revenge. I mean, could you blame her? The alphas were a problematic threat but they weren’t that scary. The real threat was the darac and I thought that was interesting. Amongst all those powerful alphas she was the most powerful, the female druid. That brought into question what true power was.

Also Scott became a true alpha which is how real wolves become alphas anyway, through hard work, will and fight. Scott did have strength of character and I feel season 3a was where he truly gained strength and started to believe in himself as much as others did.

Derek lost a lot this half of the season. He lost his pack, his alpha status and another lover.

Question: why did ordinary people stay in Beacon Hills with all that sacrifice? 

Season 3b was a continuation of 3a in a way. They set it up by introducing Kira as a kitsune. And then there was the whole door in their minds being open. I think the nogitsune was the scariest villain by far. Void Stiles was creepy, just creepy. What was worse was how smart and tricky he was. I really wondered if they could save him but I desperately hoped they would because it was Stiles!

The kitsune myth was well done.

It was also great that Lydia finally wasn’t the crazy one but had a purpose as a banshee. I was happy for her and the feeling she got when she saved someone for the first time.

The new werewolves built character this half as well. Isaac was the cutest beta and in my opinion was Scott’s first beta. Omd he was so cute and deadpan I loved him! Why did he leave?! *sobs*

The twins were also interesting. Aiden and Ethan. They really redeemed Aiden. It was sad though, he had to die for that to happen. I never thought I’d cry for him but I did. I also enjoyed seeing those actors in Teen Wolf. I know them from Desperate Housewives so it was a bit of a change.

Also Allison, losing her was rough. It wasn’t just rough for us but for Argent too. I mean he lost everyone! Everyone! How was that fair. I wanted to hug him.

Season 4:

The professional assassins made an entrance. It wasn’t a scary season but the mystery was fun. It was more gory though. My favourite moment of the season was when that chick tried to kill Scott with the wire and Scott just went alpha on her ass. It was sooo hot you would not believe.

We spent much of the season dealing with the assassin problem and finding out who was behind it. When I first found out who was behind it that was a surprise. A total surprise I tell you. It was so well done!

But then to get to the end of the season to find out that Peter was still a bad guy. I mean it wasn’t surprising given the end of season 3a but come on! He was so annoying. His scheming got old. Also why did they bring back Kate? I hate it when villains are brought back for no reason. I’m sorry but to me her story line was done in season one. I know people might disagree with me but oh well.

Can I just say though, Satomi was a badass, I loved her!!! I also loved Brett and her pack, I wish we’d gotten to know them better.

They also brought in the myth of the berserkers, for real this time. I’ve read about berserkers before, they were different in this show though. Once they were gone, they were gone although Liam brought Scott back. Oh yes Liam, Scott’s first bite victim. He was cute. A lot of comedy happened around him. Comedy for us the viewers I mean.

Also Derek became an alpha and he evolved and could turn into a wolf. I loved that twist and I really liked his relationship with Braeden, finally a normal woman! A badass woman! It was great how he learned to be strong even without his werewolf powers. I also like that Braeden was brought back.

Season 5:

This was a long one but it wasn’t split into parts. Everything was connected in this season. Theo, the dread doctors and the beast were all connected. I was surprised when I found out who the dread doctors were. Marie Jean should have taken care of Marcel when she had the chance. I mean she just let him go? He covered up the killings and always came out ok, was that not a red flag? Urgh! And the beast, he was annoying, true evil really. What happened to him when he went to war? What made him turn out that way?

It was cool how again they brought back something they’d referenced before. In season 1 they mentioned the beast and how one could turn from drinking the rain water from a werewolves paw print. The paw print Sebastien drank from, where did it come from? Did that wolf die? Was it a beast too? I have many random questions.

Theo really messed with people. He was entitled and a psychopath. He killed his sister and did a lot of evil. He didn’t care about anyone else but himself and he was always trying to manipulate them. Styles must have had Spidey senses because he knew from the beginning.

I liked how they brought in Allison, or Marie Jean. It was a cool origin story.

This season though the death count did not make sense. The amount of deaths, the amount of gore like why did people stay in Beacon Hills? How many people are there in Beacon Hills, how was the town, county even, not empty? It made no sense to me.

They broke Scott this season but I liked how they built him back up. An alpha needs its pack and this season showed that. Although they did kind of break him in season 3a as well. That episode in the motel, it got deep.

Season 6a:

I wanted to watch 6a because of the wild hunt. The amount of times they referenced it in previous seasons I was excited to see what they’d do with the myth. They did not disappoint it was good. The whole forgetting thing was a cool twist.

They brought back Peter, but they redeemed him. The same for Theo. I thought I’d hate it but you know what, it ended up working.

They then went for the Stiles and Lydia relationship and I feel like the season was the basis of that. In the beginning I really wanted them to be together however I had gotten used to the fact that they had decided to be friends. I know I may be the only one but I really liked Stiles and Malia and Lydia and Parrish. I was looking forward to them. I feel like they ended Stiles and Malia in a dis-satisfactory way. Also they took out Kira but they could have included her in so many places. I was so disappointed. I really loved Kira and Kira and Scott. Their relationship was beautiful. It was slow and progressed naturally, they really cared about each other and had a solid relationship. At the end of season five she even gave him her first tail … why do that if she was never coming back? If they knew they weren’t bringing her back then they should have broken them up. I really hate when shows do that.

Season 6b annoyed me full stop. I heard that they killed everyone. Satomi’s pack was killed off, I mean Brett (I loved Brett) and all of them. So many people died and it was lame. However at least they addressed the human fear and also brought in a Native American myth, a pretty scary one I might add.


Stiles and his dad:

That was a beautiful relationship. They were so loyal to each other. I loved it. I thought I was going to say more but really I don’t have much more. They were just awesome.

Stiles and Scott:

They were the first bromance. They were there for each other and Stiles was the one to figure out Scott was a werewolf. He stayed with him through the full moons and when Scott kissed Lydia. He was there for it all.

They went through horrible things and they almost broke up but their friendship was too strong nothing could part them forever!

I love that the actors are close in real life too.

Kira and Scott:

They were cute. I loved them. They progressed slowly and the build up was so sweet. She was there for Scott and she let him be there for her too. She comforted him when he needed it and was there for the crazy ride.

I liked that he needed her and loved her. And they made time for each other. They had a lot of sexy time considering how busy they were.

It was like they were two pieces of a puzzle finally being fitted back together. Can you tell I love them?



He had one of the best character developments. He was so hot… wait I’ve said that already. But seriously he was!!! He was a badass and a good guy. You could reason with him and I liked that.


He was so cute!! He was a straight forward guy and so loyal. He was also hot. I swear that is not a theme but I thought I should just point it out. I also liked him with Allison. She moved on before Scott did and I wasn’t mad. Isaac was different and they worked well together.


Scott was loyal and funny. He was cute as well from time to time. He was a geek turned hot girl (get it?) and it was fun to watch that transformation. He could be this cute and awkward guy but then he could turn it on and be a beast! In a good way….. He was also hot. Ok I’ll stop! I’m sorry lol


He was funny! I loved Stiles! I loved that he stayed human through out the entire series. He was a bit of a mess in the beginning but then he became the most put together character. I like that they made him a detective. He truly was a detective. He was awesome!


She also had great character development. She was kind of annoying in season 1 but she really turned around and became something more. She grew into herself and her tragedy turned into something good. Sure Peter used her but no one ever used her again. She became such a strong character and I loved it. She also never lost her core personality as well.

Plot holes:

  • Where did Lydia’s dad go? They didn’t explain that well. He was there season 1 and then gone.
  • Their eyes would glow in pictures in season 1 and 2 and it was a big plot point but after that it was forgotten. It was like, “Ok so it doesn’t matter anymore?”
  • Where did all the Argent hunters go? Did they disappear along with Gerard?

Those are my thoughts on Teen Wolf. I could say more but this post is long enough already.

What are your thoughts and what did you think? Who was your favourite ship? What was your favourite myth?

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