A Complex Villain: Davy Jones

I was re watching some clips of Pirates of the Caribbean and Calypso and naturally I stumbled upon Davy Jones. When I was watching those clips I realised how complex of a character he was. He wasn’t just a bad guy. He had good reason for being the way he was. He also made mistakes for sure.

So for one, Calypso left. The only condition to their agreement was that after ten years he would get to come on land and be with her. When he served his duty and came back to land she wasn’t there. And she was like, “I am a free spirit” and “what did you expect?” and I was like girl you knew that before you got involved with him! Why did she commit if she wasn’t made to be in a relationship?

I felt bad for him. That must have hurt so much. I’ve felt heartbreak and it can kill. So for me I understand why he neglected his duty. Why would he want to when his sole reason for doing it had abandoned him?

However he brought down others with him. His crew then became cursed too and that wasn’t great for Will Turner’s dad. That was where he messed up, he didn’t think of his crew. His tunnel vision made him miss the other important details.

Also that whole metaphor of his heart. Calypso had his heart and neglected it. Ooh their story was so rich!

He then screwed over Calypso by telling the court how to bind her. Perhaps he did that so that she couldn’t leave. He didn’t want her anymore but he didn’t want her to leave. He also wanted revenge.

His heart, he didn’t have his heart and that’s why he was so ruthless. It’s hard to keep your heart. When he lost Calypso I feel like he lost his heart.

I don’t blame it all on Calypso, they were just a bad match. They shouldn’t have been together. I feel like their story is a cautionary tale. It shows how love can screw you over, both parties.

When he died he fell into the sea, I thought that was poetic.

As much of a villain as he was I actually enjoyed his powers. He could teleport places, summon a kraken and go through things. He was immortal as well. I feel he shouldn’t have broken his duty no matter how much it hurt. I mean he had a cool job and Calypso left him but so what? He could walk through stuff!! I’m sorry, I liked his ship, it came out of the water!! I mean it looked fun. If I was Davy I’d be like, “Screw you Calypso I’m now free to have fun and live my life!”

Anyway, I hope that made sense.

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