Storks: Old School Review


I finally watched this movie! I’ve been telling and telling myself that I’d watch it but I’ve never gotten round to it, until the other night.

So what did I think of the movie? I liked it. It was funny, well-paced and it had heart. The plot was simple, Junior had to fire Tulip but couldn’t and she accidentally created a baby, then they had to go and deliver the baby before the boss found out and Junior lost his promotion.

It was a harrowing journey showing the realities of child rearing. It’s hard to take a child cross country when it won’t sleep and is fussy with its food! I love that by the end of the movie they became a little family and Junior opened his heart to little Diamond Destiny.

This film delivered a good message on not neglecting your child. I was disappointed in the parents at the beginning of the movie. If they were such workaholics why did they ask for a kid? I mean, it made no sense to me. But then they took their headsets off and spent quality time with their son, that was a win for me. Also their son was clever, he reminded them that time with their kid was short (well done Nate).

This film also affirmed my idea that having a baby delivered by storks is the best. You don’t have to give birth.

That’s it, you don’t have to. Imagine such a world *gazes off dreamily*. Plus the storks are quite competent and it’s a less awkward conversation to have when you have to explain where babies come from.

So in the movie world what are the other methods of having a baby? Are they traditional or something else? They allude to it but don’t elaborate and I am curious.

I liked the characters in the movie. The storks were funny and I loved the fake laugh they did and their love for charts and customer service. Storkcon was a genius idea as well. Tulip was annoying but she had heart and I loved that. The ending where she finally got to meet her family was so sweet! I loved that they all looked like her. It was heart-warming. Jasper finally did his job.

Can I just say that I knew the birds would be Hunter’s downfall. He kept abusing them and I knew they would get their sweet, sweet revenge. The pigeon Toady was something else as well, so weird.

So they didn’t deliver babies for eighteen years and then Junior made all the babies that they hadn’t at the end of the movie. How come all the families who finally got their babies were all young? I was expecting one middle aged or older couple to be like, “Eh! It’s happening after all these years?”

So Tulip continues to work for the storks after the events of the movie but how? I mean how does she get up there? It’s also interesting that the humans and the storks can understand each other.

The voice cast is pretty cool. When I saw the credits I was surprised, I really did not recognise them, again that shows a job well done.

Overall I really enjoyed the movie and I would watch it again. I give it a five out of five.

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