Let’s Talk About: Vixx Shangri La Era

The Shangri La Era of Vixx has to be one of my favourites from them yet. The song incorporated modern pop music styles with traditional Korean music styles. They’re not the first Kpop group to do this though. B.A.P did do it with No Mercy incorporating the drums that Himchan can play and Topp Dogg also did with Arario. I loved those two songs too.

I don’t know how to describe it. I love old music as much as new music. There’s something about old music from the 70’s and 80’s or traditional music. I feel that with traditional music you can feel the soul of the people.

Have you ever listened to Chinese traditional music? The songs I’ve heard can be so haunting. With Korean traditional music they can be both beautifully sweet and dynamic.

With Shangri La Vixx brought in the beautifully sweet element of Korean traditional music whilst also managing to make it dynamic. They did it with their dance too. Their dance was artful and the detail of the fans heightened the song, especially when heard live. I finally got the song on my iPod and whilst I love it I was disappointed there were no fan sounds. I don’t know why I expected to hear the fans but I did.

The reason I’m talking about this era is I’ve finally watched N’s performance video 인연. It’s so beautiful y’all! I love it! It’s haunting and it’s mesmerising. They incorporated the traditional with contemporary dance and you know I love contemporary dance. With contemporary dance you can really show emotion with your body and N does that to a T.

I love the way the scene moves from darkness and bold dynamic movements to a flute like instrument to a snowy scene that’s pure, full of long fluid movements and impactful emotionally.

I’m feeling emotions right now. That performance hit me in the chest. I really like Vixx’s music and dance performances for those reasons, they’re art.

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