Tangled: Old School Review


Let’s jump right in!


Disney likes to make a twist on classic fairy tales and that’s what they did with Tangled. Although to be honest I don’t remember how the original Rapunzel story went. All I remember is the guy asking her to let down her hair… hold on a second.

I’m back.

So the story is one of the Brothers Grimm’s although they weren’t the first to tell such a story. There are other versions in Italy, France and Persia. Tangled is actually quite similar to the original, more so than I thought. Gothel is in the original only she’s called Dame Gothel and Rapunzel’s parents were stupid in the original. So Rapunzel’s mother was craving rapunzel from Gothel’s garden and her husband stole some whenever she craved it. One day Gothel caught him and he begged for mercy and she said ok as long as you give me your baby you can have as much rapunzel as you want… and he agrees! Can you believe that? Also that’s why she’s called Rapunzel.

Gothel raises her as her own and then when she gets pretty she locks her in a tower with no door or stairs and the only way to gain access is via Rapunzel’s hair. One day a Prince wanders by and hears Rapunzel singing. He likes it and listens and keeps coming back. He witnesses Gothel’s method of entering the tower and when she’s gone he does the same. He frequently visits her as they fall in love and he proposes and they plan her escape. He brings silk so she can make a ladder (is silk that strong?). They get found out and this is where it gets interesting. So it’s hinted that Rapunzel was pregnant, so clearly they were having fun times. Gothel cuts her hair in anger when Rapunzel lets it slip and casts her out into the forest. Prince comes back and asks her to let down her hair, Gothel does and when Prince gets up he’s shocked. And then he jumps from the tower and lands in thorns and is blinded. He wanders the forest blind until he hears her singing. They are reunited and her tears heal his eyes and he meets his twins, a boy and a girl.

So there are similarities to the Disney version. I was going to say the Disney version isn’t as dark but actually it is. That’s what I liked about Tangled, it was a surprise.

The story was well thought out and I honestly did not see the end coming. I thought she’d escape by herself somehow but when he just cut her hair! Oh the feels. And he got stabbed y’all, that alone shocked me. I’m talking about Eugene of course.

Tangled was emotional, joyful and funny. I really felt like I was experiencing the world for the first time through Rapunzel’s eyes. I thought they handled it realistically, her fear of being outside and her fear of the world. I also like that they gave Eugene his own character. Old fashioned Disney Princes were one dimensional and if they had adapted the story exactly I feel that Eugene would have been a bit one dimensional. So I like that Tangled is Rapunzel with a twist. Although looking at Rapunzel’s history everyone who adapts it puts their own twist on it.



I think all the characters had great development throughout the film. Let’s talk about each individually.


He is one of my favourite princes. He’s funny and takes life as it comes. He was a con man, a thief and he knew it. He didn’t try to be anything but himself. I also got the feeling that he was a bit of a ladies man.

When he met Rapunzel he was still thinking about himself and his needs. There was no trust in the relationship, of course, and they were kind of stuck together.

On their journey I feel that Eugene learned how to truly work as a team. He came to value someone else’s dream above his own. He became less selfish. I would say that Rapunzel taught him how to think of others. She also allowed him to be himself; she was so genuine I don’t think he could help it.

Wasn’t it a bit dark that they were going to kill him for taking the crown? I wonder if little kids caught on to that. They were really going to kill him. I wonder what stopped them when he brought Rapunzel back. I guess they believed she was Rapunzel.

Also why is he an orphan? What is it with Disney and orphans. At least Rapunzel has her parents… who she was ripped away from *side eyes Disney*


I think Mother Gothel put her through a lot. The way she talked to Rapunzel was mentally abusive or just mean and cold. She constantly put her down and in such sly ways. I wonder how that affected Rapunzel’s psyche.

Despite all that she loves people and she’s optimistic. She has a good heart and wasn’t bitter about staying inside. To be honest Mother Gothel manipulated her well, she truly thought she would die or something if she left the tower.

I’m glad she had Pascal because as I was re watching Tangled I thought, “If she didn’t have him, would she have gone crazy?” Living in isolation is no small thing.

I relate to her though on the fact that she has so many hobbies from being by herself. As an only child that is me. She has many options in terms of careers but I think artist is the one she should go with, she’s blessed with a gift.

Also how was she not dench from all the upper body exercise she did? She climbed her hair and lifted people with her hair; she should have been very strong, stronger than Mother Gothel. That’s right; I think she could have taken her!

Also isn’t Pascal cute? He’s the best animal sidekick EVER! I loved him! It truly angered me when Mother Gothel just kicked him but he got his revenge mwahahaha. Also thank goodness, an animal sidekick that does not act like a dog for no reason.


He’s loyal, determined and a hard worker. He’s also quite just. He’s the perfect police horse really.

He saved Eugene’s life and Rapunzel’s life. He’s the one who brought Eugene back when he realised something was wrong. If he had not then Eugene would have died and Rapunzel would have been locked away forever without anyone knowing anything. A win for Maximus!

I said in my Frozen post that he was not doglike but I re watched Tangled the other day and he is. He’s a bloodhound to be precise so alas I was wrong.

Mother Gothel

She’s selfish and vain. She’s such a terrible person, and yet I wonder what she did all day? What did she do when she went out and did she really expect to keep Rapunzel forever with those thin lies? Did she think she could keep up the façade of love forever?

What was she going to do when Rapunzel died?

I did not like her and I hated that she made it seem like she was doing it for Rapunzel’s own good. That Mother Knows Best song (grrr) as if! She’s lucky she had such an obedient “daughter”.

Also she didn’t die from the fall, she turned into dust. I literally only just noticed that lol. So the ending wasn’t that dark and Pascal didn’t kill her but he certainly tried.

Her parents

They don’t say much do they?

They were sweet. They kept the hope alive all those years. It warmed my heart. It was lucky Rapunzel looked like her mom. Although I’m surprised people didn’t catch on when she showed up in the square. I mean she looked just like an older version of the baby Princess. That town had no good detectives.

Anyway, so sweet. It’s also interesting that they didn’t have any more kids.


Favourite moments:

  • The lanterns scene. It charmed me when I first watched it and it still charms me now. It’s so beautiful and romantic. Side note: why didn’t Mother Gothel change Rapunzel’s birthday? Talk about making it easy for her.
  • The town square scene is my next favourite. I loved watching Eugene and Rapunzel spend time together. They danced, went to the library, he bought her a souvenir (like actually bought it with money), she did a chalk drawing and folk music! It was a fun scene and looked like a fun party.
  • Tangled: Ever After, because they get married and that made me happy. It’s technically not a moment in this movie but I wanted to include it.



The singing is really good in this movie. It’s one of the best. It gets me wanting to sing along too.

  • They have a good villain song (Mother Knows Best) if you’re wondering why I think it’s a villain song, it’s clearly manipulative.
  • When Will My Life Begin – hmm good question girl. How does she manage to do so many chores in fifteen minutes? I’m talking about the first part of the song. Anyway I really like this song, it’s cute and I love the interactions she has with Pascal and it also shows how bored she was. How very truly bored she was. Why didn’t Mother Gothel bring more books? If she was going to keep her you’d think she’d make a more interesting prison.
  • I See the Light, I love this song! I’m a sucker for male and female duets especially where one starts out and the other joins in and then they harmonise! OMD! It kills me with feels. I especially like this song because as they sing you can see they realise they both really like each other *squeal*.


Eugene and Rapunzel had such a sweet romance. They started off not caring about each other and ended up saving each other’s lives. It was so beautiful! I can’t even.

I feel that they balanced each other out. Eugene was very street smart and so he could help Rapunzel navigate the world. Rapunzel was emotionally open, kind and warm and that helped to thaw Eugene and brought out his authentic self. The balance is the key.

Also did it not melt your heart when he said: “You were my new dream”? Because it killed me.

I love them!


Those are my thoughts. It is one of my favourite Disney princess movies. Until next time, ciao!

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