Straight Up Gem: Mamamoo Egotistic

Mamamoo is fast becoming one of my favourite girl groups along with f(x) and EXID (and Spica).

With this new comeback Egotistic I’m enjoying it. It has a latin flavour that I enjoy. The guitar playing in the beginning set the mood of the song and I was hooked.

I like the aesthetics of the music video. The warm colours and the slaying outfits. They look really good and were styled really well. I like that each member had their own theme. Hwasa was looking dangerous, Whee in was looking edgy, Moonbyul was looking classy and Solar was looking graceful.

I also liked the little details of the music video like when Moonbyul was sitting on the moon at the end. Solar also did some sick pole dancing moves, she made it look effortless and we all know it’s hard. The emotions they portrayed fit the lyrics, they’re moving on from an egotistical partner and in the music video it felt like they were getting their lives and leaving the dude in their dust.

Having said that though there wasn’t an actual story in the music video, that was just my interpretation.

Speaking of the lyrics, they’re about an egotistical boyfriend who only thinks of himself and they’re tired of it. They loved him but their lives didn’t revolve around him and man needed to know that! This is a hazard of relationships and makes for good subject matter when making a song. I hope none of you experience this though.

I really like the dance, especially the beginning and the part in the chorus where Solar gets it with those scissor legs yes! Those were my favourite parts.

Moonbyul was the one who caught my attention this comeback. She really killed it. We’re hearing more and more of her singing and she’s real good. I love that she switches between singing and rapping in this song and it doesn’t sound awkward. She’s really coming into her own.

Those are my thoughts, what are yours?

Ps: Guitars are harmed in the music video, I’m very sorry.

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