No Longer Sleeping: Z.Tao

In a series of three posts I shall be talking about Exo, Z.Tao and Lay.

You probably don’t know this as I’ve spent a lot of time talking about BTS but I do love other kpop bands. Before my blog I loved Exo, they can SING and their songs were bops. As you know Kris, Luhan and Tao eventually left the group due to SM’s crappiness (you’d think SM would learn). I stayed when Kris and Luhan left but after Tao left I was heartbroken. He was my Exo M bias along with Chen. I’m still sad he’s not in Exo and I hope one day they’ll reunite (SM breaking hearts since DBSK).

Recently I got curious as to what Exo and its ex members have been doing. I still listen to their songs from Love Me Right backwards and I thought, I should really listen to all their new songs, I’m sure I’ll love them or at least one or two. I did and I was right.

First I shall be talking about Tao! As a solo artist he goes by Z.Tao but I’m used to calling him Tao so that’s what you shall see.

(No I shan’t be doing posts on Kris and Luhan but they too have good songs. Luhan more ballad style and Kris galaxy style – ExoL’s will get it- I recommend his new one Tian Di).


This is the first song of Tao’s that I listened to after I decided to check out Exo and ex Exo members. I shall write my thoughts as I watch the mv again so forgive me if the next paragraph is a little incoherent.

This song is the definition of these hoes ain’t loyal. I should have known, in the songs he says “I’ll be your beggar your fool”. Also she looked at Tao and drew a car, that should have been red flag number one mv Tao (I’m calling him mv Tao because I don’t think real Tao would do what mv Tao is doing). That hostage situation would not have worked in real life. Tao should have used the man as a shield the whole time. Anyway I like how he reacted to the situation, “You take my girl amma fight you… even though we’ve had like two dates and I could call the police but yeah!” Those bonds came off her so easily red flag number two. Why did mv Tao keep the gun, also did she really think she could take him? *cackles* Girl please.

Now coherently I shall say, as I’m done watching the mv, he is mighty fine. In fact in this mv he looks pretty. Now that we have that out of the way, the cinematography was real good, I liked it and the story well conveyed. I didn’t expect it and that made me enjoy it more.

The song also has a chill and smooth vibe. It’d be good for when you just want to drive somewhere, for when you just want to chill. It’s a good song.

The Road

The mv seems like it hints at SM and him breaking free to pursue his own career or rather his own dreams. However it’s scary, uncertain and not easy. He perseveres and in the end manages because of his hope. This song came out in 2016 and it’s quite nice and mellow, the lyrics are quite reflective.

Black White (AB)

I like how the white side of Tao is singing so prettily and the black side of Tao (Hatsuharu from Furuba anyone? Just me? Yeah am such a nerd) comes out rapping all tough. I don’t normally like songs that have polar opposite elements but for this song it works. Ok, I’m going back to watching and I’ll come back with my final thoughts. Yes people, this is happening live!

I’m back!

I loved the air piano playing that was cute. And how half way through the white side is like fuck that I’m going to rap too. It would have entertained me if the black side had started singing sitting looking like a sassy bitch. Anyway I’m going off topic. This song is my jam! It’s one of my favourite Tao songs.

I also like how he incorporates things from before, like his AB style panda self.

I like how the mv ends with the light and dark sides of the force fighting for power before balance is achieved (like I thought happened in Star Wars Episode VI but then Kylo Ren had to mess it up again … I told you, am a nerd).


I think this song is an OST to a movie Tao acted in but I’m not sure. It’s that or it’s a really elaborate mv story. I mean it felt like I was getting snippets from a movie.

It surprised me that it was a ballad. From the title I thought it was going to be some hardcore rap song but no it was a piano ballad. It was beautiful. It’s good to hear Tao singing as he didn’t really get that much of a chance in Exo as he was the rapper in the group.


What is it with mv Tao and bad women? First one plays him and then this one watches as he gets beaten for her. Although I saw comments talking about the metaphor of it all and I get that side. He gets knocked down over and over again but he gets back up and tries again, day after day, in a never ending nightmare. It’s like being in a recurring dream constantly.

The lyrics are really romantic. It shows in the mv too. I guess mv Tao and real life Tao have great perseverance.

Side notes: He should have died from that beating but again he perseveres and I wonder if he used this mv to audition for action movies, man killed it.


The one that started it all. A happy beginning and a sad ending, at least for me, I was very sad to see him go as I’ve mentioned.

I actually listened to this song when it came out way back in 2015, I liked it enough but I was sad because one of my favourite bands was losing one of my favourite members, so I listened and moved on and forgot about it. A couple of years later and I’m back! It’s a good song with obvious lyrics towards SM (I’m assuming).

But I’m not going to pretend to be evolved; this song still holds the bad memory of him leaving so perhaps a part of me will always dislike it. I’m sorry Tao. Moving on…


Last but not least is You. It’s such a beautiful ballad and an OST to The Foreigner movie. I did not know he did a song for the movie and now that I know I’m beyond proud. It’s so good! Honestly check it out.

Honourable Mentions

Underground King (pure fire), Hello Hello ft. Wiz Khalifa (That’s pretty cool that they collaborated), Adore (it’s cool to see him dance again and this is more of an RnB type slow song and a tad sexual the lyrics are), I’m the Sovereign (this mv looked like a video game and I loved it, also him rapping like a beast *dead* also I love how he comes for the haters), Reluctantly (It’s so sad, the mv and the lyrics. It’s about love and loss and man it got to me) and lastly Promise (my kind of slow jam).

Alright that’s all the songs that I’ve listened to. There are more on his albums I know. If you think I’ll particularly like one feel free to recommend one.

I’m glad Tao is still out there making music and that he writes and composes himself. He even started his own music company in China. He’s moving up and showing the world what he can do. I’ve always known he’s a beast of a rapper but I did not know how well he could sing. I’m glad I get to hear more of his voice. Of course as an ExoL I want to see him back with Exo but we shall see what happens in the future and if our dreams come true.

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