No Longer Sleeping: Exo

In a series of three posts I shall be talking about Exo, Z.Tao and Lay.

You probably don’t know this as I’ve spent a lot of time talking about BTS but I do love other kpop bands. Before my blog I loved Exo, they can SING and their songs were bops. As you know Kris, Luhan and Tao eventually left the group due to SM’s crappiness (you’d think SM would learn). I stayed when Kris and Luhan left but after Tao left I was heartbroken. He was my Exo M bias along with Chen. I’m still sad he’s not in Exo and I hope one day they’ll reunite (SM breaking hearts since DBSK).

(Yes that above paragraph shall be the same in all three posts – saving energy since 1994)

I have been bumping to Love Me Right as you know if you read my joyful songs post. When I was bumping to it I was like should I check out their new songs? What if they have another song like Love Me Right, Call Me Baby, Thunder and Love Love Love?! Then I stumbled on an Exo funny times YouTube video and it was like fate. I finally went and listened to their songs past Love Me Right era.

Looking back I feel bad. I really went into mourning for like two and a half years! I am so extra and I never knew.

Ps: off topic but did Tao ever perform Call Me Baby with them live? Even in a chair? Can someone link me a vid? I’ll greatly appreciate it.

Let’s get to it!

Lotto (Louder)

The mv is so dodgy and yet the lyrics are about falling for a girl and feeling like they’ve hit the lotto. I mean, what are they doing in the mv? They’re just doing a whole bunch of illegal stuff.

I, however, really enjoy this song. At first I wasn’t sure because of the auto tune but it fit the song well. It was used correctly, for creative effect. I don’t know what it is about this song but it has me bumping!

It’s the laid back tone, the yeah yeah yeah’s and the dancing, OMD the mother freaking dancing! I especially love the ending when they just enjoy it. Man it got to me right in my dance feels.

Also the:

Lipstick chateau 와인빛 colour (la la la la)
하얀 champagne 버블에 shower (la la la la)
평생에 한 번일지도 몰라
꾹 참았던 본능이 튀어 올라
어쩌나 I just hit the lotto (la la la la)
Oh, oh, oh, lotto
Oh, oh, oh, lotto oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, lotto
Oh, oh, oh, lotto oh, oh, oh

*Gift starts intensely dancing!*

Also Sehun’s dance moment in the mv… slay me now.

Lucky One

This song is funky and I love funky music! I am so mad I missed this one when it came out! Like dang Gift did you have to mourn for so long!

I really love the dance. It’s fun and light hearted. They still manage to bring the sexy with those thrusts (like dang Lay let us live) and those head bops *squeals* this dance was my shit.

As for the song the meaning is pretty apparent and yeah, I like it. I really like it.

Also Sehun’s breakdown kills me. He’s just so sexy when he dances.


I wasn’t sure about this one at first. It was the first song I listened to after my hiatus. My first thought was dang, Kai has been working out! He is looking good! It made me realise we’ve grown (because I’m the same age as him) although I wonder if I’ve grown because you know, black don’t crack.

The mv is pretty trippy in a typical SM way. They could be they’re meant to be high or it could just be SM having fun with editing. Either way it’s an interesting video. It was fun to look at. I’m not going to try and interpret it because I’m not good at that.

The dance, they went hard in this one especially Kai and Sehun. Their little breakdown was just fire.

I like the mixture of the slow reggae and then the fast electronic type breakdown. It’s a bop.

The impression I get from the lyrics is that they’re drunk on love? Am I right?


Now I remember this one coming out but I was on hiatus so I did not check it out but I remember seeing it everywhere. I’ve finally checked it, theme of the day lol, and it is actually good.

Exo can sing so musically they always deliver. There may be styles they do that I don’t like but their voices always deliver and you can really hear it in this song.

My favourite part though is the end with the “creeping creeping creeping x2” ooh the way they danced that part and Chen’s voice and then Baekhyun’s… slayed!

I also like Chanyeol and Sehun’s rap breakdown. Sehun came out owning that song like, yaaas I’ve arrived bitches!

The Eve

I think they created this song with the sole purpose of slaying fans. They know the effect they have by now for sure.

It is a smooth song. The steady, dark beat at the beginning and the low singing draws you in. It slowly builds and the singing becomes softer. Then bam! You’re hit with the chorus and it’s both smooth and bumping.

When I first listened to this song I was distracted by the dance (as I was watching the dance practise) so I didn’t really listen to the song. But now that I have I really like it and one of my favs Sehun sings yaaaas! They better utilize that low voice of his!

The dance though, the slowest thrust in the history of kpop (that I know of). *still processing it*

If you notice a Sehun theme popping up you’re not going crazy, I do like him a lot, both him, Kai, Chen and Chanyeol (and of course Tao). It’s a lot of biases but I’m not sorry. Although I think Sehun and Kai (and Tao) are coming out as my top biases in the group. Then Chen and Chanyeol joint fourth.

That was a minor detour.

Honourable Mentions

I also liked Universe and Power. Universe was a nice ballad and with Power I liked the meaning of the song (we are one, believing in your dreams and dreaming again) and the mv was fun (I wonder who did the narration). It’s been a while since we’ve had Exo planet stuff.

Alright that’s Exo. When I have money I shall check out their albums as I know they have good songs on there. Are there any songs that you think I should check out now? Sometimes it helps when people recommend songs as I don’t know where to start. So any songs from the Love Me Right era to now I welcome.

Until next time,


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