Music Corner: Exo CBX – Blooming Days

I told you I’d checked them out. I like this song the most. I also liked Hey Mama and if this song did not exist the post would be about Hey Mama but Blooming Day exists and here we are.

Out of all their songs so far this one fits my vibe the most.

I like the colourfulness of the music video. I like the overuse of flowers and the way they shot the whole thing. It’s snazzy and Chen be looking all levels of fine. At this point they really know how to work the camera which makes for a better mv. Although it’s kind of funny how serious they look at times. Is that weird that I can be slayed but at the same time amused? My favourite part is when they walk to the rhythm, it happens two times and I loved it.

Why is it that in mvs Chen always be looking like a straight up boss? He has a certain confidence that comes out in everything he does. It’s not a bad thing but rather a very good thing.

Xiumin is aging like fine wine. In each mv that I watch he becomes finer and finer. He fit the concept well I think. Also Baekhyun really knew how to slay the camera. He was getting it in the mv and the song. They all did really.

The dance fits the vibe of the song real good. I also feel that because of the beat of the song, the song doesn’t actually need a choreography. I mean this is a good song to play in the club or at home when you want to dance. It brings out that feeling, that need to dance. For me songs like that are gems.

It’s also a good song to introduce to non kpop fans that are snobby about music. There is no way people would not dance or like this song, it’s a bop that carries over generations, I feel.

I did think that it would be a serious ballad when I saw the title and thumbnail but I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a little funky. It’s bumping (is that becoming my catch phrase?).

As for the lyrics, they’re talking to a girl and they want her to answer them and to accept them as their boyfriend. I don’t mean all three of them for one girl. That’s my interpretation before I read the translation and I got it right! Yes! To add to that now that I’ve read the translation the mv actually fits the lyrics quite well. In the lyrics there are metaphors about flowers and how the love is blooming inside of them.

I think to make this mv even better they should have made a story mv. I would like to see that someday for Exo, with a girl I mean, a romantic interest. I think it’d take the mv to the next level and it would have been such a fun mv don’t you think?

Anyway those are my thoughts on the song; feel free to check it out!

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