No Longer Sleeping: Lay

In a series of three posts I shall be talking about Exo, Z.Tao and Lay.

You probably don’t know this as I’ve spent a lot of time talking about BTS but I do love other kpop bands. Before my blog I loved Exo, they can SING and their songs were bops. As you know Kris, Luhan and Tao eventually left the group due to SM’s crappiness (you’d think SM would learn). I stayed when Kris and Luhan left but after Tao left I was heartbroken. He was my Exo M bias along with Chen. I’m still sad he’s not in Exo and I hope one day they’ll reunite (SM breaking hearts since DBSK).

The third and final part of the three part post about Exo and ex member Tao. Can you believe I was originally going to write one long post? Good job I did this instead. In this post I shall be talking about Lay. He’s still in Exo but is currently doing solo activities in China because of politics between Korea and China I believe, he’s a Chinese member. He’ll be back soon though.

I didn’t know he had solo songs and so when I was looking up Tao I was pleasantly surprised by my suggested of Lay. Although it was pretty late at night and I should have been sleeping.

No, I won’t be talking about Kris and Luhan as I mentioned in my Tao post but you can check out their music if you like. Luhan has nice ballads and Kris has good galaxy style music.


I really like this ballad and I’m not typically a ballad person. There’s just something about Chinese ballads that gets to me, they’re exactly my style especially Lay’s ballads. This is one of my favourites. The combination of the soft guitar playing and his singing is beautiful!

I also like the aesthetic of the mv, all dark and sad and about lost love. At least that’s how I interpreted it.

Goodbye Christmas

This one is another ballad. I love this one also. It’s very relaxing and soothing, it soothes my soul. I was kind of down when I first listened to this song and strangely it comforted me.

His high notes are sweet to listen to and the piano is the best accompaniment for this song.

It wasn’t enough that he slayed with his vocals but he also danced in the end in my favourite style (contemporary). I really enjoyed it, it fit the mood well.

What U Need?

This was the second one of Lay’s that I checked out. It has a nice funky beat and the choreography is the highlight of the mv. It’s playful and I like how they played around with the editing. Plus Lay dancing always slays. He’s sexy and playful at the same time.

I like his interactions with the dancers too.

Of course he slayed the vocals. It’s a simple and fun song. I like how they genuinely have fun.

Lose Control

This is the first one that I checked out by Lay. It’s darker and more sultry. Lay comes to slay your soul with some smooth RnB.

This song introduced me to his style and I was impressed, also it fit. I thought he liked that smooth RnB. He also can DANCE and this song allows him to lay out those sweet moves (the pun is a happy coincidence).

Everything about this song is effortless, plus he’s looking so grown and sexy. I also really like the small guitar riffs at the beginning and end.

The lyrics are very interesting. They’re poetic and talk about a night of romance where he gets lost in the atmosphere. He loses control. It’s so intimate, the lyrics and I’m glad, it fits the mv. Sometimes in kpop people be dancing sexy to songs that aren’t sexy at all in lyrics but Lay, Lay delivers.

I Need U

I heard that this one was dedicated to his grandparents and their love. It was a present for their anniversary I believe. The lyrics are sweetly romantic and it warms my heart that he wrote it for them. I relate to Lay with his relationship to his grandparents and I think it’s beautiful that he did this for them.

It starts off with a romantic vibe and some French to really sell it but then goes in a funky direction which was a surprise. It worked though; it showed the excitement as well as the sweetness of love and proposing.


This song caught me by surprise. Lay got me attempting to twerk lol. When I was done doing that he got me rocking with it ayee! It’s a good song. It’s bumping. And the way he dances in the mv too he be killing it! I love it when a dancer is in it when they’re dancing and not just dancing emotionlessly. You’ve got to feel it.

As for the meaning behind the song I was little confused. I figured he might be referring to his zodiac and I was right but there was more to it than that. Apparently it’s his nickname in China. I love how he took it and had fun with it to make this song.

He’s dedicated and a genuinely kind person but he’s no push over and for me this song conveys that. I like Lay.


I’ve noticed, apart from Sheep, his songs tend to be about love. Sometimes he’s losing love and other times it’s about the excitement of first love and meeting and sex or intimate romantic moments. His lyrics are really poetic; I suggest you check them out too.

Anyway that is it for my Lay Lay; I strongly recommend that you check out all the songs I’ve listed. I can’t wait for what else he has to offer. He is such a good artist. Yay Lay!


Ps: If you’re wondering I have checked out Exo CBX unit’s songs.

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