Hidden Gem: As One – For the Night

It’s been a while since I’ve done a hidden gem. I can’t help that though, hidden gems decide on their own when they’re going to come into my life.

I should warn you, this song is rated 19. It is sexual in content and the music video reflects that in a tasteful way (I feel).

Let’s hop on to the…


So the song is about how this woman wants to have a one night stand with this dude. She wants to have one night of solid passion as she’s not going to resist anymore and she’s going to go for it. It’s kind of like she’s encouraging him to give in too.

The song is in Korean so I didn’t understand everything until I checked out the music video on 1theK and turned on the captions. I don’t know what I expected but I certainly didn’t expect the songs lyrics to be so sultry. It really took me by surprise but I liked it.

It’s nice when women own their sexuality. I mean we’re human too and we too want to have sexy times with dudes we find attractive (unless you’re asexual). It was nice to listen to a song where the woman is bold and it’s not a bad thing.

The song

It’s so pretty. It’s like honey to my ears. The way they sing is so smooth and they blend well together. Their voices are high but not annoyingly so. It’s like a soft and sweet high that makes the song sexier.

I like that the melody is soft, and that it doesn’t go too hard. However it’s not boring and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. There’s a soft beat and the song is easy going. I could slow dance to it and get lost in the music.

It kind of reminds me of old school RnB.

The Music Video

So there’s this maid who’s cleaning up a hotel room and she’s thinking, “Wow this dude is mighty fine!”. She moves on to another room that is empty and she can’t stop thinking about the dude in the first room and so she strips to her underwear, puts on some heels, lipstick and a trusty trench coat. She grabs a bottle of wine and then shows up at his door, disrupts his work and seduces him.

And it works!

I thought some twist was going to come out where he gets mad like, “Girl what you doing?” But he doesn’t, so he must have been feeling her too. That or he was horny.

I couldn’t help thinking about the practicalities. For example: she left her maid outfit in the room she was cleaning… what if someone finds her clothes on the floor? She’ll be busted! Also, isn’t she breaking some work codes or something? Also, why did she have on lingerie whilst cleaning hotels? I’ve done housekeeping, that shit ain’t easy and she’s doing it in sexy underwear…? Girl what? I don’t know. I couldn’t help thinking about all that.

Like I said in the beginning their sexy scene isn’t bad. It’s not overly vulgar and it’s not overly innocent, it’s juuuust right! It fit the vibe of the song and the lyrics. All three elements blended well together.

That is all for my hidden gem,

I recommend you check it out here.

Until next time, ciao!

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