My Top Exo Jazzy Jams

Exo sometimes has a bit of a jazzy flavour to their music. A flavour that makes me click my fingers, sway and tap my feet.

This post is going to be short as I found two that fit the flavour I was going for. I was going to scrap the post but then I was like I can still do it with two songs! Especially these songs, they’re one of my favourites.

My Lady

After I had listened to a ton of Exo songs I went to bed and then this song was still going around in my head. It’s safe to say I like it. I don’t just like this song but its stage too. The one where they dance on the floor below a mirror that shows the audience what they’re doing. It’s so creative and sexy. It’s easy to feel awkward doing a dance like that but Exo manages to get past that and to deliver the performance. It’s also like they’re sexy dancing to themselves, to their own reflection.

As for the lyrics my favourite part is the chorus, well I love the whole song but the chorus is the cherry on top. 친구가 아니야! That bit! It gets me singing. They’re basically wooing a lady and they’re like I don’t want to be your friend or just some guy you know, I want to be your MAN! I’m down for that.

From the beginning the song gets me in my feels. The finger snapping, the guitar sound and Kyungsoo’s voice… ooh! I would say it’s more of a soft jazz type song. If you listen to it and don’t feel the jazz at all then my bad but I felt it. At the very least it should get you dancing, if it doesn’t I respectfully doubt your taste in music.

Honestly if you could see me when I write some posts you’d be surprised. If I really like the song I get needlessly expressive as I type #triviaaboutGift.



It’s such a doo oop song, I can imagine myself listening to it at a bar and everything is in black and white. Then a swaggy dude comes along in a fly (white) suit holding a martini and starts charming me. I’m like, “How you doing?” And it’s a night. Did I mention I’m in a silver flapper style dress? Lol, I already have the music video in mind, Exo hire me!

The song is both sexy and melodic. It’s nice and slow and it has those moments where they sing/talk. I love it when that’s included in a song. It makes it sexier and more intimate. Baekhyun and D.O. (I think) even do some doo oop adlibs, ah it’s music to my ears. Songs like this really suit D.O.’s voice.

Although with the lyrics they’re talking to the playboy aren’t they? Although at other points they are the playboy. It’s divided but I got the whole imagine of the game playboys play and how it can be good and bad at the same time.


Alright those are my two songs. I told you it’d be short but you got two good songs out of it. If you haven’t figured it out already I highly recommend these songs.

Until next time,


Ps: I have three more Exo posts #sorrynotsorry

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