Music Corner: Exo Winter Jams

For today’s Music Corner I shall be talking about my favourite Exo winter jams. They have about four winter albums that are all really good. I don’t normally like winter, ballad type, albums but Exo makes the kind of ballads that I like.

Today I have six songs for you, let’s get right to it. If you’re also into ballads with flavour you will like these.

Girl x Friend

To start off we have a cute winter song! Yay! Enjoy it while it lasts because this list gets sadder.

It’s a nice song about falling for your childhood best friend. After winter they want to confess to the girl and move out of the friend zone. It’s so cute! And as it doesn’t seem like a one sided love it looks to have a happy ending.

Also there are relatable moments in the lyrics, like when he pretends he doesn’t like her to save face in front of his friends. The amount of dudes that have done that. Quick survey, how many ladies have done that?

The melody is nice and easy to listen to. It’s also a warm song in tone and lyrics, perfect to warm you up in winter.

Falling For You

A bouncing winter song about love. They talk about how their love falls like snow from the sky. I liked the metaphor. It gave the image of softly falling in love and enjoying it, the sort of opposite to their other song Fall which I shall talk about soon in another post.

I also feel like this is Chanyeol’s song. Not only does he get to sing but he also gets to rap. Due to being a jack of all trades he shines in this song.

What I want For Christmas

I am so glad I included this song in this list. It is so beautiful and the meaning behind it touches my ExoL heart.

The song is dedicated to ExoL’s Exo’s fandom. They talk about how it’s our fifth winter together (at the time of this song) and how our bond has strengthened with time. They talk about how we help each other and make their winters warm. If that doesn’t touch your heart I don’t know what will.

I just love the singing. Baekhyun, Kyungsoo, Chen and Suho sing in this song and they blend well together. And that bit where they do a key change and it takes the song to another level?! Ah it’s perfect. Even if you’re not an ExoL that part will get to you, it’s a beautiful song.


This song is one for the sad books. The regrets of a love lost. It kind of reminds of me What Hurts the Most (Rascal Flatts) in terms of lyrics. The regret of not saying, “Stay with me” of not voicing inner feelings.

I don’t normally like sad ballads but some creep into my heart. I like how the song is a little hopeful as they believe that things will get better in the end but wow it is sad at some points.

I like Chanyeol’s and Sehun’s rap, there was a lot of truth in there.

Although for a ballad it had a nice soft beat, so that’s another reason I liked it.

My Turn to Cry

This is such a sad and sweet song. Instead of the girl crying they offer to cry her tears for her. Whether it’s romantic or not I think we’ve all had moments where we’ve wanted to cry for someone so that they don’t have to cry anymore. It’s a beautiful concept.

The song reflects the sweet lyrics. It’s soothing, easy on the ears and the adlibs add to the flavour. It doesn’t drag either which is good.

Also there’s this bit in the song where they play around with the lyrics and it goes back and forth, it upgraded the song. It’s so beautiful. It’s this bit:

난 (아직) 널 (그대를) 사 (많이) 랑
(사랑한) 해 (나머지) 요 (너무나도 그리워요)
울 (부디) 지 (거기선) 말 (행복) 아요 (해줘요)

The Exo M version is also beautiful. Mandarin makes for the best ballads I think.

The Star

Here comes The Star to liven up the list! I started with cute and I shall end with cute.

The Star has got rhythm and melody, a perfect combination. The song is playful and had me wanting to do the running man and some other 90’s dances.

The lyrics reminded me of Evangeline from Princess and the Frog. Exo too falls in love with a star but alas the star is too far away. But like Ray they don’t give up trying to get to her. Are stars always female? I’m seeing a theme here, first in Princess and the Frog, in Exo and in Stardust. Alas no one wants the male stars.

This song also has the rare Kris English rap. For once though listening to Kris didn’t make me sad; it’s just so cheesy you can’t be sad.


And that is it for this week’s Music Corner! The most inconsistent corner… I’ll get better in the future.

What is your favourite Exo winter jam?

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