My top Exo Non-Title Jams

Exo’s title songs are good and I like them (see previous posts) but they have non-title songs that are even better sometimes. I shan’t be talking about songs I’ve already talked about or songs I already knew from before. So all the songs included on this list are songs I’ve checked out recently.



Background beat from the beginning of the Call Me Baby music video. I like that they took it and made it into its own song. The song rocks! It got me in my feels and I was genuinely dancing alone. Then I was singing along at the “You huuuurt me!” bit. Ugh, it’s such a good song.

Do not be fooled by the beginning of the song. It starts off without the beat and then the sad melody stops and the beat kicks in and it’s like yaaas!

I collect songs that I can use in real life situations when I want to dramatic and extra, this song officially added to that list. It’s perfect. Especially this part of the song:

The sound of the rain mixed with tears
The sound of your breath in my ears
I couldn’t find you even once
You hurt me (So bad, so bad)
You hurt me (So bad, so bad)
Forever in my head (Insane) you are living
In my eyes, I see the transparent you and me

It is the perfect song to body roll to, honestly. I know you’re thinking, but Gift the lyrics but trust me! It can be done.

Black Pearl

I like songs that are in the low melodic tone. I also like high tones but low tones resonate with me more on average. Black Pearl is one of those songs, especially during the verses. What I like most about Exo is how perfectly they hit the harmonies in those low tones *faints*.

But then the song builds and gets hype in the chorus. It doesn’t get too hype to the point it doesn’t fit the song, no; it gets hype enough to take the song to the next level.

The lyrics are about a girl, their beautiful black pearl. Honestly these songs are enough to gas a girl way up. Be careful when using these lyrics to someone you like, they’re powerful.

This song is a popular Exo song and I have known it since the beginning but I had to include it in this list!

Artificial love

I need to find out what kind of music this is because I tend to like it, the style I mean. It’s a mellow bop. It has a dark edge to it which I like and I like the low tone and the arrangement of the song. The steady beat as well ooh it’s my style. And when Kai comes in with that RAP THOUGH! I’m getting hype again whilst writing this. I’m also listening to the songs as I write about them so perhaps that isn’t helping.

The song is perfect for Sehun’s low singing voice.

The lyrics are a diss track. I wouldn’t wish fake love on anybody. They’re basically calling this person fake from head to toe. They’ve been done wrong, first Hurt and now Artificial Love. Lol. I would add it to my dramatic music list like Hurt but it’s too strong, I’d only use this song if I was really mad. Luckily I haven’t had this experience so yay.

To sum up it is a straight bop.

Ps: I watched the stage for this song and OMD it’s the sex. Yeah, you read that right.


I love the piano in this; the steady tune it plays alone gets me dancing. Then there’s the singing, for example at the “Hello Angeeel” line, I love it! It touches me.

Now if you know me I love Sehun and for me his rap in this song is one of my favourites. It fit with the vibe of the song and was playful, I loved it!

I like the lyrics but practical Gift popped up and was like, “Wait, don’t trap an angel. Let the angel fly!” *beings to twirl*. Although it’s one of the best songs for comparing a person to an angel. It wasn’t too cheesy but creatively descriptive.

I also knew this song from before so I cheated again and let it on this list. But I love it so much I couldn’t not include it.

Oh and I feel this song really suits Kai’s voice. His voice has a rich quality and it goes well with Heaven.


It’s a song of mixed flavours. The beginning had me unsure but then Chanyeol came in like, “Girl this is your song!” and he was right. I like the mixed flavours. It strangely suits my tastes. Ah, I have evolved *puts diva glasses on and sips grape juice*.

I also like the lyrics. A song about how they’ve glown up. I feel like a glow up is a state of mind. I should write a post about this (I will) but it really is. And you know in your heart if you’ve had a glow up, don’t let others dictate this for you.

My favourite part of the song is:

Blow up (Blow up) Right in front of you
We glow up (Glow up) Everyone wants me

I just love the way they sing it.

Twenty Four

The rap line from Exo 나왔어! I wasn’t expecting a song with just the rap line and so it was a nice surprise. Seeing as I say it’s the rap line you may be expecting a song that goes hard but actually it’s pretty mellow.

As Exo’s rap line can also sing they do it all in the song. I get to hear more of Kai’s melodic voice and Xiumin’s. Also Sehun’s rap though, yaaas. Chanyeol did go hard a little but they still kept it within the subtle hype range. The in-your-feelings type hip hop.

The lyrics are like, “You’re my twenty four”. They’re taking about a cold woman who they are in love with and how they think about her 24 hours a day. This is my interpretation anyway so I may be wrong. But from what I read of the lyrics that was what I understood.

Either way it’s my jam!

White Noise

I like the beat of this song. If you listen to all the songs on this list that I’ve said this for you’re going to notice a pattern. The singing gets to me too. The part I like the most when it comes to the singing is this bit (this time I’ll put the un translated lyrics):

I hear you, I feel you
볼 수가 없어도 널 들을 수 있어
눈을 감고서
이 세상 모든 소리 중에
너를 찾아내면 돼
너의 작은 웃음소리로
난 니가 잘 지낸다는 그것만
확인하면 돼

I think they’ve broken up with this person. But it doesn’t matter because they can hear their voice and it’s like, “I hear you, I feel you” I can find you anywhere. I like the concept of the song.

Honourable Mentions:

Peter Pan

This one brings me such nostalgia. As you know I’ve been into Exo since OT12 days and this song always reminds me of them all, especially one of my favourites Tao. It also just reminds me of the old days of Exo.

I especially love Exo M’s version of this song. *cries OT12 tears*. Tao killed the rap *says my biased heart* but he honestly did. He even gets to sing! Honestly I really miss complete Exo M, they had such good songs.

I like that they stuck to the concept of the song with the lyrics throughout. I like creative songs like this that take advantage of our childhood favourites.

The lyrics really hit me in the feels too, especially being in my twenties.

Let Out the Beast

This is another old-ish (because it wasn’t that long ago right?) Exo song. I just haven’t talked about it and so I thought I’d mention it here.

It’s a standard bop, if you’re wanting to twerk or to do some popping or if your dance crew is looking for a song I recommend this one. It’s pretty good.


This song carries so much meaning and so it’s hard for me to listen to it. However I had to mention it. If you’re an ExoL you have to listen to it at least once, it will touch you. Also Chanyeol goes in!


Alright that’s it for my non-title song list. How did you find it? Did you find some gems? For those who are ExoL’s are there songs you would add?

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