Letting People Back In

As I’ve gotten older I’ve gotten used to losing people due to life. They get a job and I see them less. Or they move away for Uni or we fall out. Rarely do they come back into my life but that is exactly what happened with one friend.

I shall not disclose the story here as it’s long and it’s not mine to tell. However I will talk about what it was like to have that friend come back.

It was weird. I had never stopped thinking about her. She was a really close friend who I shared a lot with and so when we fell out of contact it really saddened me. Then my other friend saw her on a train and she told me and asked if she could give me her number. Soon after I texted Friend A and we were in contact again, just like that.

I honestly thought she was never coming back into my life but she did. I was happy but I was also sad, all those years lost.

I also realised that it was hard to go back to that connection we had before. A part of me was holding back and not letting her into my heart. Perhaps I did not want to be hurt again.

She has certainly changed with time and so have I. However her core personality is still there. We still get along and it helped that she readily invited me back into her life. She was open that helped me to open up as well.

It was like I was getting to know her again as there were things that I had forgotten. I found myself thinking, “Oh you did used to do that!” That part I don’t mind as much. For me that’s the fun part of reconnecting, the getting to know each other again.

This experience has taught me how to open my heart when needed. It has taught me to be forgiving. I had another friend who didn’t contact me for a year and I confronted her about it and we had a good talk and in that situation I certainly learnt how to forgive.

It’s hard letting friends go but it is also hard letting old friends back in. However these are experiences we all need to go through as we learn so much.

That is all for today,



Ps: (Kpop fan moment) This gives me hope for groups like DBSK and Exo. I would say Super Junior but they met up with Hangeng a while back so yay! Plus Suju is so honest they settle disputes quicker. I feel like they’re a group who has already learned to forgive.

It seems forgiveness is the theme of this post.

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