Oh My Venus – Review (Spoilers)

There will be spoilers of course.

I started watching this drama as it popped up on Netflix and I could use my friend’s account. However half way through my friend cancelled her account and so I continued watching it elsewhere. Why am I mentioning this? Because from now on there will be less Netflix content on my blog and the kdrama I watch from now on will not be so random but from my list. Man I still have drama on my list to watch *shakes head at self*.

So Oh My Venus, I honestly thought I would hate it at first. The beginning scenes of the drama were so annoying to me. I didn’t mind that she was pretty or whatever, I had a problem with how she used her power. I thought to myself, “OMD is this going to be about a beautiful woman and beautiful people problems?” I basically thought she was going to be unbearably vain.

Then we got to the scene where the guy asks her out and I thought, “Hm okay, she’s not that bad. Maybe this drama won’t suck after all.”

But then the biggest plot twist happened! Now I know the drama is old and very popular but I’ve honestly never seen clips beforehand and I’ve never read any spoilers or watched any trailers so I was honestly surprised. She gained weight! She became a lawyer as she had wanted but she’d lost her edge a little. Then her fifteen year relationship to her boyfriend ended in the worst way possible (the jerk). It made the drama so much more interesting. I wanted to know what happened and how she got where she was. I wanted to know what would happen next… I was hooked.

So let’s talk about the overall plot. I thought that it was good and that it progressed well. That added twist at the beginning made for a more interesting story and what I liked most was that we got to see Kang Ju Eun re discover herself. She didn’t just lose weight she adopted a healthy lifestyle which I think is more important.

However one thing I didn’t like about the drama is that towards the end it became solely based on the romance. In the beginning there was work drama too but that didn’t really develop. I mean what happened after she finished her probation period? What happened to her original boss? Why did she stay at the firm after the probation period? Did she suddenly enjoy her job? I would have liked it if they had developed that a bit more. I would have also liked it if they had shown what she did in the year she was apart from Young Ho more clearly.

The storyline between her and Su Jin was also a bit frustrating. Why do women have to compete all the time? Also the reason they broke friendship was so superficial. I get that Su Jin was hurt but she never even talked to Ju Eun about it and if she had she would have seen that it was a misunderstanding. Instead she lusted after Woo Shik and cut off contact with Ju Eun. Then again Su Jin had very low self-esteem and was envious of Ju Eun so perhaps it was inevitable. Those scenes were hard to watch. On the one hand I felt bad for Su Jin because she carried that bitterness around but on the other hand she pissed me off! Also in the last quarter of the drama I felt like they didn’t know what to do with Su Jin and Woo Shik, their ending story line felt rushed and out of place.

So it had a strong beginning and a strong middle but the ending was lacking. After the car crash the story line became all about Young Ho and Ju Eun’s romance. And that car crash though! I have watched kdramas before but believe it or not that was my first car crash scene. I did not expect it and it was very dramatic.

That brings me to my next point. The drama felt like a cautionary tale against greed. Hye Ran’s brother wanted to take over the company and he was greedy, because of him three people almost died. Because of his greed he also lost his position in the company. He ended up being the worst character in the drama and it was all because he coveted something that wasn’t his. He failed to see how well he was doing anyway without being head of the company. Really he shot himself in the foot.

Let’s talk about the romance. I enjoyed the romance between Ju Eun and Young Ho. I liked that it started off slow and that he liked her from when she was bigger. I felt that their love was more genuine. It was also very unique. They had that plaster thing and they did judo together. I live for unconventional couples in kdrama. And the proposal! It was so beautiful and clever. Overall they were a cute couple but they weren’t cringey at all.

There was also Joon Sung and Yi Jin the CF Queen. She was annoying. She is like marmite, some viewers liked her and some hated her. I disliked her. She got on my nerves at first and I really didn’t like the faked drowning scene. I would have cut her off there. However she gets better and after the time skip they’re in a relationship and she’s great with his mom. How did that happen? I was actually looking forward to watching the moment he let her in or the first moment he spoke informally to her. They built it up and I didn’t even get the pay off. Plus their kiss was in the last episode. I didn’t like her but I felt like they were building to a moment where they would melt my heart but alas they skipped over that. Like I said earlier the ending to this drama was rushed. There was so much good content they could have used but they didn’t. Like for example Joon Sung’s mother, they could have showed how they helped her.

Let’s talk about the characters. They were great. This drama had great acting in it. I enjoyed the complexity of the grandma and how Ju Eun was like a ray of sunshine to that family, opening them up. I loved Alberto although his character name on the cast list is Byung Wook. He was so surly but when he smiled it was heaven. He was so caring too. I liked Henry’s character Ji Woong although he could be a bit much at times. I liked the solid friendship that was built between Ju Eun and Hyun Woo. And last but not least the second wife to Young Ho’s dad. She had so much sorrow and her brother really screwed things up for her but till the end she remained humble, she was the real MVP.

So in conclusion I liked it. It was an enjoyable drama. I didn’t love it as much as my top four but I didn’t hate it. Oh My Venus is a good drama to pass the time with, to spend a cosy afternoon watching.

I rate it a 3.5 out of five.

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