My Top Exo Slow Jams

I’m not a fan of ballads. However there are certain ballads that tickle my fancy. Exo has a lot of ballads like that and in this post I shall talk about five of them.

My Answer

It’s sung by Baekhyun, D.O. and Suho and boy do they slay the song. The lyrics are so romantic you could use it for a proposal or for a confession.

It comes close to being the kind of ballad I don’t like but then the piano gets to me and the way they build up to the chorus gets to me. Also the lyrics, it’s so sweet. I tend not to like ballads because they’re too sad and who has time for that? But with this song it’s romantic and sweet rather than sad and so I like it.

What if

I wasn’t expecting such a bitter sweet slow jam. I should have known, the lyrics say what if. It got me in my feelings; I’m not going to lie. It’s the kind of ballad I like.

It also has such nineties vibes in the beginning! I love it! For some reason it got me thinking of Bones Thugs and Harmony.

In this song the girl has moved on and the guy sees this and is happy for her but also regrets losing her. He’s left on his own like, “I should get over this as she’s happy and I’m glad but I still keep her in my heart.” That’s my own interpretation.

Also the way they sing the chorus together, was I the only one who died? The harmonies are so beautiful they touched my soul! This is definitely my kind of slow jam

To torture myself I decided to listen to the Exo M version *cries in corner*.

Sweet Lies

This song reminds me of Usher’s song Truth Hurts. They are like, “Girl I am not going to be 100% however my lies are better than the truth.” At the same time in Chanyeol’s verse he’s warning her of what kind of guys he is. I get the impression that they want to change but can’t and they truly believe it’s better this way.

The singing in the song is beautiful. I get the impression it’s a hard song to sing but the control they have is impeccable especially at the end with D.O.’s “no no”. The low tone of the song perfectly suits Sehun and Chen. However this song isn’t all low, there are high parts that Chen also kills such a versatile singer.

It’s darkly melodic and it gets you thinking. Even if you don’t understand Korean completely this song will still get you thinking. I myself would rather have the truth if I was in a relationship with this dude so we wouldn’t last long lol!


This song is exactly my kind of slow jam. It’s dark, deep and I can still dance to it. Sure the dance would be contemporary but that’s what I like.

The lyrics be talking about how you can just fall for someone unwillingly. It’s like you’re caught in a swamp with no way to get out. The person has caught up or has the key to your heart and has just let themselves in. Raise your hand if this has ever happened to you? *Raises hand also*. Exo out here making relatable music.

My favourite part is the chorus:

그냥 이대로 Fall, fall, fall for you
너의 늪으로 Fall, fall 빠져가

잠길 듯 차오르는 숨이
오히려 편안해 더 깊게
Fall, fall

And it gets worse each time the chorus comes around. They add a new element to kill you and it’s like a punch to the chest! Exo why are you doing this to me? It makes writing this as I listen to the songs difficult I tell you.

I also really like Chanyeol’s rap in this one, it fits perfectly with the songs vibe.

They Never Know

It is a slow jam that I can dance to so you know I like it.

It’s a song that everyone can relate to. People who are in LGBTQ+ relationships and people who are in interracial relationships, the relationships that society tends to frown upon. The song talks about ignoring the stares and concentrating on the love, my interpretation again. I don’t have experience with LGBTQ+ relationships but with interracial ones I have family members in interracial relationships and nieces and nephews that are products of such harmonies. It made me sad to think that sometimes they still go through hardships. I didn’t realise people still stare, I thought people would be used to it by now. So I like that the song tackles that whilst also making it a love song. It’s not all about the hardships; it’s also about the love.

(I also think it would apply to people who date or marry when one is overweight or when one looks older. I watch Hello Counsellor a lot and such couples go through a lot of trouble, in South Korea anyway, and they often come on the show because of the concern.)

When I first got into Exo I never thought they’d do a song such as this but they have. They evolved y’all.


Alright that is it for the slow jams *body rolls* Exo post. What are your favourite Exo slow jams? Let me know!

Until next time,


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