I Like People

I do.

Don’t get me wrong there have been times where I have really disliked people. This world is a dangerous place and not everyone has the best intentions at heart. I mean I watch a lot of crime dramas; you’d be shocked at what people do but more on the why. But enough on that, this is supposed to be a positive post.

There is good in humanity. There are people who are kind and people who are chatty.

I was coming out of Sainsbury’s and this old lady just started talking to me. It was so random but I stopped and talked to her for a few minutes. It was a nice day out and she said if it stayed nice she’d venture further out. I guess she was just glad to be out and about talking to people.

I also enjoy people watching. Once my friend and I were waiting for another friend to go and watch a movie. It was around Valentine’s Day and so we sat there and watched the couples. It was so enjoyable. Other people watchers will know what I’m talking about.

I also find myself caring for people I don’t know. I care about those who I like in Kpop and I care for the MC’s who I like, like Shin Dongyeop and Lee Yeongja and Yoo Jaesuk. I care about the people that I do know in life too.

Sometimes it’s more satisfying to pray for others than to pray for yourself.

I think I take after my grandma. She cares for animals and for people. She is kind and caring and is a prayer warrior. She worries a lot about us and even if she has nothing she is always there for us. I’m not as kind as her but she inspires me.

When people meet me they think I’m an introvert but I’m not. I do like my alone time but that’s because I’m an only child and have gotten used to it. However at my core I’m an extrovert. I enjoy the company of people. My favourite thing to do with my friends is to sit and talk.

Even with celebrities I like I don’t want to date them, well I wouldn’t protest, but when I saw B.A.P live I was like “Wow the computer doesn’t give you their aura.” This is going to be very hippy of me but people have an aura and I didn’t realise it until I saw B.A.P, I could really feel them. It was a 4D experience. Even with my grandma she is the only person I know who emits love, it’s like it radiates out of her. So yeah when I realised that it helped me to see celebrities as people, I’ve always seen them as people which is why I always learn actors real names and from sociology class I know people act differently on and off camera. But there’s knowing something and then truly knowing something. So when I truly knew I was like, “You know what, I’d like to be their friend, I bet we’d have cool things to talk about.”

Even with most of the jobs I do that’s what I enjoy the most.

So yeah this has been a very random post but I felt the need to write it. It was half an ode to my grandma and half about me liking people and Kpop. This is me! *starts singing Camp Rock*

Okay I’ll stop,


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