How did I slip into the diamond life?

I’ve been very careful about liking new groups. I have way too many favs some of which you know about if you follow my blog and others you don’t. I don’t get to know new groups, if I hear a cool song I’m like, “Nice” I may write about it and that’s it.

So tell me how I slipped into the diamond life!?!?!?!?!

I blame Pinterest.

I like to browse Exo memes and Exo things on Pinterest (also BTS) saving things to my board or sending my friends my fav Exo memes (they kill me and are so relatable). When I was doing that I kept stumbling upon Seventeen memes and I thought to myself these kids are funny.

Now I already know them sort of. I remember when they had Seventeen TV and thinking, “I wonder when they’ll debut” and then I wandered away. Then they debuted and I checked out their song Mansae (I know it’s not their first song) and I liked it and that’s it really.

But they kept popping up on my Pinterest! It’s a conspiracy I tell you!

Then they would guest on KBS shows I like. First it was Vernon who showed up on Happy Together and I thought, “He’s a cute one and has interesting expressions” but I didn’t clock that he was a part of Seventeen (slow I know). And then Seungkwan showed up on Hello Counselor and with Minggyu he showed up on Happy Together. As soon as I clocked they were from Seventeen it was game over. It was like lesinset but for SVT! (if you get that I will love you forever).

I was still resistant because adding another kpop group is a task, especially one with thirteen members. Although if I’m being honest learning names is not hard for me, I mean I’m an ELF and an ExoL soooo….

Anyway I was resistant but my resistance was futile. I ended up searching funny videos and watching the favourite bromance ships and I was mildly interested. Then I found out Vernon is a rapper and heard his rap parts and I listened to 아주 Nice and it was game over. That song is one of my favourites. It caught me by surprise and after listening to it once I went around my house like, “아주 Nice! *aggressive dancing*”.

I wouldn’t say I’m a Carat but I certainly like Seventeen.

Ah the woes of being a multifan. Have you ever had this happen to you with another group or with Seventeen?

Ps: They’re all younger than me! Thankfully my bias (yes I already have one) Joshua is younger by like a year but the rest are so young! I don’t think I can like groups that come out from now on, they make me feel old and I’m not one of those fans that likes to call dudes oppa. Nah fam, if I’m older than you I’m older than you. Ah the days when being a 94 liner meant you were young *cries old tears*.

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