Double Standards – Expecting Purity

I once had a guy tell me he liked me because I was pure. I looked around like, “Who me?” This guy was a close friend and so I thought he knew me but I was wrong.

I will raise my hand and admit I am not the most pure female. I enjoy swearing, I will laugh at adult jokes and I enjoy being sexy. I know that’s not exactly wild but even those simple facts this dude did not know and I was like, “Bruh, do you even know me?”

But here’s the thing that got me. He expected me as a potential girlfriend to be pure but he did not expect that of himself. So it was okay for him to play and fool around but not his future wife whoever that may be?

Sometimes I wonder if men like him think women are raised on a farm sheltered from the world and not experiencing any of its temptations. It really fascinates me. It also annoys me, like can we live?

It’s fine to have your morals. If you don’t believe in swearing, fine. If you believe people should be modest, okay but practice what you preach. I’ve noticed this the most in church community. Oh my goodness women will be judged for the most ridiculous things like sleeveless dresses! A sleeveless dress!

I know how to dress for different occasions and even when I’m sexy I’m a classy sexy. My style is like I’m a grown woman and I look mighty fine in this dress. Being sexy isn’t necessarily about wearing something that is short or revealing, no. I think it comes from within and then is expressed in your clothes. But like I said I dress differently depending on my mood and where I am. For church I look cute and I’m modest. However I never thought that there was such a taboo as showing my bare arms. It wasn’t me who was told to wear a cardigan but another female and my friend was so enraged when he witnessed this like, what is wrong with showing bare arms?

Good question.

Now if a man shows his bare arms in church that’s totally fine. But why? Men’s arms can be just as sexy! Even more so than a woman’s arms in my hetero opinion.

I’m not being as articulate as I normally am because this is so stupid and such a simple fix.

Before expecting a woman to be pure ask yourself are you pure? Before expecting a woman to be a sexless being who is waiting for you to awaken her sexuality ask yourself this, am I a sexless being waiting for my sexuality to be awakened by my wife? We don’t live in bubbles! We live in the same world you do. We struggle with the same desires. All of what you expect from a woman expect of yourself! If you don’t live up to your own standards how can you expect her to live up to them? You’re just being a hypocrite then.

For any men reading this thinking, “I’m not like this.” If you’re truly not, this post is not for you so you can relax.

Okay I’m done.

Phew, I feel lighter.

In conclusion double standards suck.

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