Music Corner: Abba

You may not know this but I have a love for ABBA. I didn’t know how many songs I knew until I watched Mamma Mia (the first one). There’s just something about ABBA. They sing about relatable topics and their songs are so catchy.

In this post I shall talk about my top 5 ABBA songs.

Take a Chance on Me

This is a song to sing to your crush. Take a chance on me! I find the lyrics cute and highly relatable. If you’ve never experienced the said words of the song then your childhood was drama free, even your adulthood is drama free as you can get a crush at any time.

I also like the background of “take a chance” being repeated. It set the tempo of the song. With the lyrics the song could go any kind of way and I like the dance direction it went.

I also really like the music video with Agnetha and Anni-Frid dancing and singing trying to appeal to their “crushes”. Their expressions were on point and they looked like they were genuinely having fun.

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

I mean this song is gold. The way it starts, I could listen to the instrumental alone. But their voices do make the song more epic. Ah, a masterpiece.

I like the lyrics as well, I mean she’s talking about how lonely she is and how boring it is (my impression). She needs a companion to keep her company and add light to her world. However as they say after midnight and ask for a man I’m guessing she’s looking for sexy companionship as well. Again it’s a relatable song I’m sure there are heterosexual women out there who have felt this way, lonely and needing a man after midnight. (Tbh anyone who’s interested in men will have wanted a man after midnight at some point in their lives… if only it were that simple and uncomplex).

Money Money Money

If this song isn’t my life. I mean I could sing this song. In fact I was having a woe is me moment and then I thought of this song (which started my ABBA spiral) and it made me feel better. It made me feel like I wasn’t the only one out there who’d thought those thoughts. I mean does money solve everything? No, but it does help with the bills and you don’t have to work forever if you have it. The closing lyrics are so true as well, “It’s a rich man’s world!”

It’s not as uptempo as my other favourites but it gives me comfort and so it’s on the list.


This may be my favourite song of theirs. This song is pure gold! It’s uptempo and gets me busting out disco dance moves or just dance moves in general. That beat it has going is great and their singing gets me dancing.

I like how it builds to it’s fast beat and how in essence it’s a simple song but it’s so fun! It’s the “aha’s!” They get to me. I start the song calm and then they sing “Voulez Vous!” and I’m like “Aha!” *dancing on the bed*

If you don’t immediately burst into a dance solo to this song then I’m disappointed.

Yeah I just love this song.

Also I typed in voulez-vous into google translate and ‘do you want’ came out… any French speakers out there?

Actually listening to the song I think this song may be about a one night stand but I’m not sure.

Dancing Queen

This song is me when I go out. I literally only go out to dance. I don’t drink and I don’t really believe in pulling in a club or at a party cause dudes be weird at parties but I do believe in dancing, it’s so much fun. This song captures that spirit of a young girl dancing and having fun.

It’s also a chill song, so your chill disco moves come out. It’s such a quintessential ABBA song that even my mom likes it (and she’s selective). It gets me singing and brings my mood from a 60 to 100. I like how ABBA too has fun with their songs.

Those are all my favourite ABBA songs, what are yours?

Until next time,

happy listening!

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