Writing is my Solace

Writing is my solace. It has become a part of me. As I do it more it grows with me. It grows as my skills grow and I find myself itching to write.

When I don’t feel like writing I know something is wrong.

It’s like a warm blanket, hugging me and giving me comfort. My body is in tune as I write. My mind is focused and my fingers are flying. When I write pen to paper I get lost in the pages. I barely feel the paper cut. I barely notice my leg cramping from staying the same position for hours.

The sun sets. The sun rises. I welcome a new day having not slept and I barely notice. It steals me away as reading steals me away.

It’s also the way I get to express myself. A part of me is in each story, in each article. I get to write about what I’m passionate about. I get to write reviews and just air my thoughts out.

I get to write stories and to create worlds. I get to create new characters and relationships within said stories. It’s enjoyable. It’s fascinating.

The worlds I weave come alive and I watch as the stories unravel.

When I’m sad it is my solace. When I’m stressed it is my solace. When I’m anxious it calms me down.

Writing is my solace.

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