BTS – I’m Fine

BTS is fine now and I’m glad.

I am late with this comeback and because of that before I checked out the songs I saw the live stages on my feed. They paired Save Me with I’m Fine and I got confused, “Is this a new Save Me or the same Save Me from before?”

I’ve finally checked out Idol and I’m Fine and now I get it. So it’s the same Save Me from before and it’s connected to I’m Fine. Even listening to I’m Fine the first few bars are the same as Save Me.

I thought that was neat (hello grandma Gift) as it shows the journey BTS has been on. They’ve been on a loving journey. They’ve been learning to love themselves and to be okay with ugly emotions and all that. They’ve taken us on that journey with them telling us to love ourselves.

Now they’re telling us that the journey has been a success. They love themselves and they’re fine. And it’s not the fine where you’re totally not fine but say it because telling people how sad or whatever you are would be long and people never ask for the actual answer they just ask to fill time a.k.a. small talk. No they’re truly fine.

If you look at the lyrics they’re a healthy fine too. They realise that they can still fail and have hard times but they know they will make it and they can get back up. Is that not a good place to be in?

I like how the music reflects that how it picks up from the Save Me beat and gets lively and upbeat.

They’ve come a long way from where they were mentally in Save Me (my interpretation) and I’m happy for them. Fame can bring a lot of ugly so for them to say they’re fine and they love themselves makes me happy.

They’re like that child who has made it in life and you don’t have to worry about them anymore. My days, I’m feeling like a proud parent!

It’s also been fascinating watching them grow each year. They kept setting goals and they reached them! Really fast. I mean they made it. I remember when I first became a fan in N.O. era. Now look at them grown and sexy and still not afraid to be derpy (I mean did you see Idol mv?)

BTS loves themselves, are fine and you can’t bring them down! What a positive comeback šŸ˜€


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