Jesus is my Best Friend

No I’m not alone!

Raise your hand if you know the song!

This is a song we teach the children at church. It’s really fun and catchy and has actions that go with it too. The song goes:

My best friend,

Jesus is my best friend, Jesus is my best friend,

no I’m not alone, no I’m not alone.

The song then continues swapping the words my best friend for my counsellor, my life line and finally my rock. It’s a simple song that you can get pretty quickly and that lifts the mood of everyone who sings it.

I decided to write about this chorus because recently I was somewhere where I felt alone. Now the funny thing was I wasn’t physically alone. There were plenty of people around me, who I was staying with, but I still felt alone.

I asked myself why that was and it was because I felt I didn’t belong and in some ways I was excluded. It’s like secondary school where you feel alone with certain people whereas with other people you feel happy and fulfilled.

In that time this song popped into my head. Just like that it sprang up in my mind: “My best friend, Jesus is my best friend!” And I was like, “Oh yeah, I’m never alone if only I let Jesus stay by my side.” I’ll admit I don’t have the best relationship with God but He is always there and ready to comfort.

Realising that and singing that song honestly made me feel better and took me out of that sad, lonely mood. Thus I wanted to share it with you as I figured it may help you too. If you don’t know the song I’m sorry I can’t sing it for you buuut the lyrics are still uplifting no?

That is all for now,

Happy Sabbath!

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