Music Corner: Chanyeol x Sehun – We Young

I have been excited for this single since they started promoting it although I will admit it took me a while to catch on. Funny story, so I follow both on Insta and my man Chanyeol posted a video. I saw his hair and I was like, “It’s red, is this from the Monster era? Is this a tbt type video?” I didn’t read the caption as there are times I’m good at Korean and times I’m not. Then I saw more teasers and I was like, “Wait, this looks recent…” Finally I realised they were promoting as a new unit. I can be so slow sometimes.

It was a nice surprise. I wasn’t expecting this unit but I am very glad it’s happening! *squeals*

So I watched the mv on vlive first and then on YouTube because I gots to give them the views. It’s a good song. It’s chill and casual, a song to sway to and listen to at a summer party or when you’re driving. To be honest I could listen to it at any occasion. I like my hype songs but I also like my chill hip hop songs.

And can I just say YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES to the lines! Yes to Sehun singing and rapping and everything! It feels so good to hear his voice; finally shining like the diamond he is (I’m getting way too emotional). First I’m blessed with Hyoyeon and Yuri killing it in Oh!GG and now Sehun. Chanyeol got to show his versatility too. He’s always had a 꿀 voice and now more people will know. Yay for Exo that has rappers that can do it all!

Let’s talk about the music video. It’s cute, I like it. I feel like since I watched the behind the scenes video they released as a teaser I spent the video thinking, “Wow that’s a good transition, I wonder how the director shot and then edited this, how many times did they do that?”. The revolving set doesn’t get boring and I like the little scenes that they play out separate and together. It is fun watching the extras pretending to fix a car as they bust a move. Also Chanyeol’s arms though… man got thick *happy sigh* *drinks water*. Sehun also blessed our eyes with his visuals although it felt like he was teasing us like, “Now you see the abs, now you don’t.” I commend them though, since I started working out myself I realise how hard it is to sculpt abs, I mean you may have them but then getting them show and cutting down and carbs and stuff, nah fam… they’re dedicated and I approve the results. *happy aerie*

The dance! It was chill, just like the song. I also feel it was old school. There were many dances moves they did that got me like, “Ayyy!” Sehun has that chill vibe, whenever he dances he always looks like he’s enjoying it and the way he holds himself makes everything look effortless. Plus the dances they did suited Chanyeol too, the chill old school moves seemed to be right up his alley and showed off those arms. I’ll stop.

Now on to the lyrics and meaning of the song. It’s pretty straight forward.

So we don’t stay down!

Cuz we young, cuz we young, cuz we young!

That’s right we don’t! As a youth I felt like this song spoke to me. At this point in life, the twenties, there is a lot to figure out and a lot of questions people throw at you. But I’ve learned you’ve got to be you and not be ashamed of that and to know that everyone is different and so has different journeys. I feel like that was what they were saying. Also I felt like they were saying, “Stop stressing, let go of your worries!” Plus we don’t stay down! Cuz we young, cuz we young, cuz we young! Sorrynotsorry

I recommend you check out the lyrics and the song for yourself, they’re both gold!

That’s it for this song,

Until next time,

Happy listening!


Ps: I also did check out Tao’s collab with Diplo and Mo, Stay Open, it was good (of course) so of course I liked it. Their voices blended beautifully and the Chinese instruments killed it (duh). Okay I’ll stop.

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