Joseph King of Dreams and Soundtracks

As you know I have a love for movie soundtracks. In fact looking at my blog I have a love for music full stop! So today I shall be talking about my favourite tracks on the Joseph: King of Dreams soundtrack! This post is part two to a post I did last week on the glorious melanin in the movie.

Okay so,

I have three songs for you that touch my soul. The first one is,

More Than You Take

This is the song that plays as Joseph puts into action God’s plan to survive the drought that God warned them about.

This song talks about team work, team work makes the dream work and in this case it’s very true. They would not have been able to save Egypt and the surrounding nations if they had not worked together.

The song also talks about humility and the true nature of giving. You don’t give to receive, and there’s so much to learn from giving. The song seems lighthearted if you don’t listen to the words but when you listen you realise how deep the message is.

I like that the song is a duet, it made the song better. Their voices blending together, the female high one and the male deeper tone, it was real good. It also goes with the message of the song, together they made it better. It also made me feel like Joseph and Asenath were singing together.

I also like that the scene that accompanies the song is of all of them working together and of Joseph’s family growing.

You Know Better Than I

This song gets to me. It gets me in my feelings. It’s such a beautiful song and I honestly think it is very relatable. I mean we all have moments where we get angry at God or think we know better. We have moments where we think we don’t need his comfort or help but then inevitably we find out that isn’t true.

It’s a song about letting go of your pride and your need to do everything yourself. It’s also a song about accepting you don’t have the answer to everything and that’s okay. It’s about accepting God knows what He’s doing and it’s about trusting Him.

The last lyrics reflect that well: “I’ve let go the need to know why, I’ll take what answers you supply…”

Also the montage of Joseph’s struggles makes the song more emotional. He really went through a lot and his faith was tested but he stayed true to God. He really had a strong character. I like how the montage appears as he plants that tree.

If you’re having a hard time I recommend listening to that song.


The song is short but full of motherly wisdom. It is a song that has stuck with me through the years.

Rachel in the movie sings about thinking before you speak and seeing that each flower is special in its own way. I wish she’d sung this to the other brothers as well as they needed it too. Also the last line was a bit of foreshadowing, “Your gifts are meant to give away.”

Bloom, bloom, may you know
The wisdom only time breeds
There’s room, bloom and you’ll grow
To follow where your heart leads,

Bloom and may you bring
Your colours to the vast bouquet
There’s room, bloom, learn one thing
Your gifts are meant to give away
(Credits to this person for putting the lyrics up, 고맙다!)

This song is always bitter sweet for me as Rachel and Joseph get separated.


Then the reprise of this song by Joseph’s wife is again triggered by the strife between the brothers. She wonders how long there’ll be anger. She encourages Joseph to think about his words and to forgive his brothers. I like the meaning of her words and the last line she sings:  “May sweet compassion set you free”.

They’re simple songs but beautiful and with such wise lyrics.

Those are my favourites, what are yours?

Until next time, bye!

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