Lion King 2: My Soundtrack Favs

I love The Lion King, but I realised I haven’t talked about my love for The Lion King 2. It is a good movie and one of the best Disney sequels to date. In this post I shall be talking about my favourite songs from the soundtrack.

He Lives in You

I love to sing this song. It was meant to be in the first one but they didn’t want to bombard us with songs. It’s in the musical Lion King though. I love the way it’s sung and presented.

It feels majestic and powerful! It gives hope and it’s fun to sing. It sets the mood of the movie as well, it makes it known that it’s different from the first but the heart of the first is still there.

Not One of Us

I didn’t like that they were coming for my man Kovu but at the same time this song is fun.

It’s just the way the animals sing it! I don’t know what it is but it’s always been funny to me. Also it’s fun to sing.

“Disception! Disgrace!” “The scar of his face!” “He is not one of us!”

Honestly it’s the best song if you want to be dramatic as fudge. It’s kind of sad though that Simba kicked him out like that. How the lions get the prey animals to be so in sync I’ll never know.

We Are One

The opposite of the last song is We Are One (one one one!). I really loved this song as a kid. As a Kpop fan now this is the perfect song for Exo (right?) right? Anyway I loved this song. It talks about unity and familial love.

It’s cute and I like the scenes of the animal families. Although prey animals would never be that calm around lions.

I like how Kiara uses this song to call Simba out later on in the movie. I was like, “You tell him!” “We are one!”

Is it weird that I used to (still kind of do) want this song for my hypothetical wedding? I thought it also applied to couples who got married as they became one. I was going to sing it and everything. Just me? Alright then…

Love Will Find A Way

Ah, the hope of all young lovers. I almost like this more than Can you feel the love tonight but only almost.

It’s sweet and cute and I was really rooting for them. They had such an angsty love, Kiara had to fight hard not just against her father but also against how Kovu saw himself. Kiara really was the light of the movie.

I really liked this song as it’s a moment between just the two of them and it is beautifully romantic. Don’t @ me I loved it okay!


It means love!

This is such a fun and joyous song. The wisdom of Rafiki lives on! First he tells Simba that Mufasa lives on in him and then he tells his daughter about the joy of love. He was the true MVP.

I liked the song as Kovu got out of his head and enjoyed his time with Kiara. I liked the comedy aspects of the song as well with the animals joining in and their depictions of love. By far one of my favourite songs in the movie and a great one to end on.

Which song is your favourite?

One thought on “Lion King 2: My Soundtrack Favs

  1. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like some of the music back when I was a kid. He Lives In You used to be my favorite Lion King song. The thing is the song actually predates Lion King II since it was on the Rhythm of the Pride Lands companion soundtrack which came out close to the same time as the first film. That companion soundtrack featured B-sides to the first movie’s music and had some music from African artists Of course, it is very disheartening to me knowing what I know now about The Lion King with the problematic things associated with that movie franchise.

    In other news, I did mention Scar in a very recent Top 7 list:

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