My Kpop Favs (Male Edition)

I can’t believe I haven’t talked about Infinite on here before. This is a crime.

Anyway welcome to another post! Today I shall be talking about my favourite kpop groups, the male edition. It’s going to be a straight sausage fest but donna worry I shall do the female edition very soon.

First I shall talk about Super Junior!

Super Junior

Super Junior were one of the early groups I got into. I got into kpop in 2013 and by the end of the year I was a Suju fan. I still can’t believe I missed their concert *sobs* the one time they came to England!

I got into them because of Leeteuk, Ryeowook and Shindong. Wookie and Shindong used to host radio shows and Leeteuk was in every variety show. They caught my interest and made me laugh. Then they came on Weekly Idol and the E.L.F in the comments got me curious about the rest of the band (as only half came). After that it was it, I was hooked.

They have great dance songs and they also have amazing ballads. I have talked about a few on here so check out those blogs. Ah, they make my heart sing. For example: 머문다 (Daydream) is an absolute gem!

My main bias is Eunhyuk, then also there’s Ryeowook, Leeteuk and Yesung.

The fandom is E.L.F meaning Everlasting Friend. It’s a nice fandom to be a part of. We’re crazy like Suju is crazy and that makes it fun. My only complaints are against the E.L.F who don’t consider Henry and Zhoumi part of Suju and the E.L.F’s who won’t let Sungmin come back *tear*. I miss him.


This isn’t news, I’ve talked about them so much on here no one is surprised I stan this group.

I got into them in 2013 around December. I remember when they debuted but I wasn’t sure about them as a lot of groups came out with the hip hop concept and I was kind of sick of it. But then with each comeback they kept exceeding expectations and I learned it wasn’t just a concept for them; they were about the hip hop life. Then I listened to N.O. when it came out and it spoke to me. I was in Uni at the time and they understood the struggle of education and just the way it can feel like a factory line sometimes. From then on I was a fan and I went back and watched their YouTube videos, raise your hand if you remember the old school bangtanbombs full of trot and girl group dances and dances to other boy groups? Ah nostalgia.

They’ve blown up now and I’m happy for them. Every goal they set they achieved through hard work and believing in themselves. Plus they stay humble and that’s rare.

The fan club name is Army. It stands for Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth. I found this out recently, what Army stands for, I always thought we were just an army. The things you learn. A cool fandom, with every fandom there are some that ruin it for the rest but those are few. I kind of miss the o.g.’s we had fun in the past and it’s hard to find them in all the comments. But at the same time I’m happy the fandom is expanding.

My bias is TaeTae. When I first watched BTS mvs I liked Suga but then V came and was like, “You thought!” Then there’s Jungkook who tries to bias wreck (but TaeTae remains strong).


I’ve talked about Exo a lot of late because I’ve come out of hiatus. When Tao left I was a little sad and went into hiatus from comebacks but not from shows they appeared in. Although since Tao left they’ve appeared in fewer shows.

I’ve been into Exo since 2013. I resisted them at first. They were so popular in the UK and people kept trying to convert me and I was like, “I already have my favs, can you not?”. So I resisted but I would still check out their songs. I secretly liked them and kept watching stuff they’d appear in. Then Growl came out and I came out of the closet. Well sort of, I liked them but I didn’t want to go crazy although I was on the inside. And from there it’s history (ah History, great song and dance). Ooh then my friend got into Exo and then I made another friend at Uni who was an Exo fan and we would fangirl together. Ah it was fun. (Those two friends aren’t as hardcore fans anymore hence the past tense).

I love almost all of Exo’s songs. I like their style, their voices and them as people. They’re sassy and each person is an individual but they work well as a team. I like that. They also make very good ballads, honey to the soul!

My main biases are Sehun and Tao (OT12 y’all!). Seeing as Tao is solo at the mo I support him with his endeavours (he’s the best). Then there’s Chanyeol, Chen Chen and Kai Kai. With a group as big as Exo it’s impossible to have just one bias (although with OT9 Sehun has stolen me away but my love for Chanyeol, Chen and Kai will never die).

The fandom is Exo L. We used to call ourselves Exotics, remember that? Then SM was like no you’re Exo L meaning Exo Love and it made sense. It is like we’re a unit of Exo and I like that, spreading the Exo love everywhere. I also like the nickname Baekhyun gave us, aeries. Aeries have to be the funniest fans ever! The memes and the videos give me life. You have to check out yep4andy she’s so funny and if you’re on Pinterest just surf through the memes. I love being a part of the fandom, and those crazy ones (I mean a bad crazy) that ruin it all I don’t consider true fans.


I’ve been into this group since da da daah 2013! They were one of the first groups I got into actually. I watched Mydol and their Vixx Diary and then Vixx TV on YouTube. They’re funny, crazy and have one of the best bonds as a group in Kpop.

Their dances are art, literal art! They kill every concept handed to them or that they come up with and they’re great performers. They’re also nice people. I’ve spent many an evening laughing with them on Vixx TV.

Again there isn’t a song of theirs that I hate. I love their albums and I highly recommend you check them out. I mean there are songs like B.O.D.Y and After Dark that rock! There are so many gems that aren’t title songs.

The fandom is Starlight별빛 and it is the sweetest, most chill fandom ever! I love it! Literally no complaints.

My bias in Vixx has always been and will always be Hyuk, Hyukie, Hyoggi! I love him, simple as that. Since Mydol days he’s been my bias. However Hongbin does try to bias wreck, I’ve even talked about Hongbin on here before, he has qualities I like.


I can’t remember when I got into them but it wasn’t 2013! Say what? A change! I love them!

They have a unique sound which is important in Kpop. There are so many groups trying to make it you’ve got to have your own sound and they do! Their voices blend well together and Dongwoo and Hoya are such effortless rappers. Their dancing is in sync and precise and dynamic. They kill it on every level.

They’re another funny group and they too have a solid bond. I look at them and see they’re honestly friends outside of work (I can’t say that for every group).

I’m sad Hoya has left but I support his decision. He gave us a lot of gold and he’s off to kill it some more in the acting field. The group is still active though so don’t sleep on them.

Again I love almost all their songs. They have an old school vibe and Season 2 is one of my favourite albums. There are many non-title gems like 숨 좀 쉬자Suffocate and 소나기 (I Need You Back) although this one got a live stage (which I am forever thankful for).

The fandom name is Inspirit and they’re a chill fandom. We chill together, fangirl together and laugh together, it’s fun.

My bias in this group is Sungyeol and Myungsoo. When Myungsoo is being all chic, aka L, then I’m not as into him but when he lets his dorky self out, yass! I love Sungyeol’s confidence and beagle personality.


Last but not least is B1A4! They’re a cool group. They’re chill, fun and honest.

They write their songs and have done so from the beginning. There are songs the company wrote too but they’ve had a big hand in writing and producing from the beginning and that’s one of the reasons I like them. I also got into them late, I can’t remember when. The song that got me into B1A4 is 잘자요 굿나잇. From then on I was hooked.

My favourite song from them, ever, is which means road. It’s such a beautiful song about friendship and the melody… it gets to me every time! B1A4 is just a gem group, each album is gold. I like how they can go from sentimental to hype. They also have a lot of songs that would be great for a road trip or if you’re just going on a drive somewhere.

The fandom name is Bana and they’re another chill fandom. They do their job right and are welcoming and cool.

My bias in this group is no one. I like them all really. Perhaps Gongchan and Baro sometimes creep in so maybe I could say they’re my biases but really it’s all of them. It’s used to be CNU at one point but now I can’t choose.

Honourable mention goes to UKiss, they’re the group that got me into Kpop. I’ll admit I’m not as into them now but I’ll never forget them. Also Nu’est (the second group I listened to), B.A.P, Block B, Got7, Seveteen, 2pm, Shinhwa, g.o.d., Teen Top, M.I.B., Highlight (Beast) and Mblaq.


That’s it for the male edition. Who are your favourite male kpop groups if you’re a multifan like me? If you only like one group who is it and why?

Until next time,

Happy listening!

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