My Kpop Favs: Solo Edition

I have done girl groups and I have done boy groups, today I shall be doing solo artists!

I have five for you today, let’s dive right in!

Eric Nam

He has such a beautiful voice just perfect for RnB music. He went to Korea to make it in the industry and he did!

You know those singers that make singing look effortless? Yeah, Eric is one of those. He was born to sing.

I really like his sound. He can do bops and he can do ballads. He’s quite versatile.

My current favourites are Poison and Ooh Ooh ft. Hoya. I even got my friend into Eric Nam by just playing Poison in her presence. *happy sigh* such a good song.

Hong Jin Young

I really love trot music. It’s not a genre I can say I know a lot about but play me some trot and I shall love it. Hong Jin Young does trot in a modern way keeping the genre alive. She’s funny and creative and willing to mix styles.

My favourite song from hers is 산다는 Cheer Up, it’s so inspirational and uplifting and she incorporated Chinese instruments into the song. If you read my blog regularly you should know that I love Chinese ballads. Yes, Jin Young is a firm favourite.

Jun Hyo Seong

She is from the group Secret. She’s a really good singer and dancer, I was interested to see what her individual sound would be like and I was not disappointed.

I’m still waiting for her to come back again. Unless I missed it, did I miss it? I hope I didn’t because the two come backs she’s done have been great.

I love her style, her confidence and her songs are bops.


She has a powerful voice. Since I heard U & I I was like, “Yes, this chick is for me.” With each come back she changes up her style and tries something new.

I like how she’s confident and friendly, she’s not afraid to be herself either. She’s honest about her struggles and is a good role model for females I think.

My favourite song of hers to this day is 보여줄게 (I will show you). I love the sass of the song and the retro feel it has. It makes me wish I could waack.

I love both her ballads and her dance songs. Heaven is my favourite ballad I think, oh and Insane, they’re both so beautiful. She’s also a really good dancer; if you haven’t already you have to check out the mv for Insane.

Last but not least is…


I love Taeyeon. She has a chill sound and I’ve talked about her song Fine on here before. I love each song she’s come out with. I loved I ft. Verbal Jint too.

I don’t know if I can express into words why and how much I love her. I feel that her music speaks to me on a personal level. She’s puts herself into her music and that helps me connect with it more.

She is a true artist… love her!

I also love her personality, she’s quirky, cute and strong and not afraid to show her vulnerability in her music.


Those are my favourite Kpop solo artists. Who are yours?

Until next time,

Happy Listening.

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