Crazy Rich Asians – Review

I finally got to watch this movie! I’ve been excited since I saw Constance Wu was in it because I have a minor girl crush on her. I mean have you watched Fresh Off the Boat? That show is right up my alley. Anyway, finally after many years Hollywood made a movie with an all Asian cast and this is it.

I went to see it with my two Aunties and two cousins and they loved it! I loved it. It has us laughing and tearing up. It was a gem of a movie.




Now when it started I wasn’t sure, it was a little slow to start, to get into the story and already Nick was pissing me off. I mean dude, just tell her you’re rich! You’ve been dating a year, it’s clear she’s not a gold digger like come on! When he did tell her on the plane I was like finally! But then he didn’t warn her about his mom or the sharks, I mean if you’re gonna take someone swimming in the ocean you warn them about the sharks!

The fact that I got so emotional shows you the film had me emotionally invested. The storyline flowed well and was believable. As an African I know there are mothers like that. In fact Rachel (Wu) was a better woman than me because I would have snapped back at least once. I mean the ex-girlfriend coming in like, “Oh Nick didn’t tell you about me?” *cue Gift* “No he didn’t, you must not have been important now could you shut up I’m getting a massage!” Also why bury the fish? You could have had a barbeque. Like thank you for gutting a fish for me. I low-key judged Araminta I mean she didn’t step in once, furthermore those were her friends? Ew. (Colin was a gem though). Thank goodness for Astrid!

Speaking of Astrid I enjoyed that secondary plot. I was sad that it went the way it did thought. He was hot. But you know what she said was right; he wasn’t man enough for her. You know a movie is good when the second leads have you hooked too.

The ending had us tearing up. I mean I would have been on a plane after Eleanor went into my family business, I mean it didn’t take a genius to see that Rachel didn’t even know. But Rachel stuck around and eventually made the right decision and showed how smart, kind and caring she was. Honestly it got to me and I started tearing up (so did my company). It was such a beautiful ending to a film. I hate cheesy endings but it wasn’t cheesy at all, just beautiful!

I like that the movie was diverse behind the scenes as well as in front of the camera. I like that the Asian characters were diverse in personality. When an ethnic minority is in a film they tend to get type cast but the beauty of having a film made by Asians and starring Asians is that they do away with that. I really enjoyed that.

The cinematography was great! I mean the wedding… like come on I wanted to go! Also the soundtrack! You know I love soundtracks and this movie’s was popping and the way it went silent in the wedding when Araminta was coming… yo that got me. It was very well made.

Overall I give the movie a four out of five. I would also like a sequel, please and thank you. (I mean Astrid may be getting a new love interest *wink wink nudge nudge*)

Ps: I thought Ken Jeong was going to kill me with laughter but it was Ronny Chieng, that guy killed me.

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