Music Corner: Yuri – Into You 빠져가

Yuri came out with a solo! When I saw the promotion on Insta I was excited. For one I love Yuri and I always have so EEK! *currently fangirling in silence as my aunt is sleeping* and for two her concept photo shoot was on fire. I mean the pictures for this album… yes Yuri, just yes! A thousand times yes!

So what do I think of the song? I really like the beat. It has a good rhythm and it’s got a good bass so I was like, “Oh my hips like this and my hips don’t lie” (Ayy!) It’s smooth. It’s a really nice song for when you want to dance in the club but you don’t want to bust out your hardcore moves. You know you just want to put those hips to use. Maybe I’m the only one who craves to dance to such songs *thinking pose*. All in all I like the song.

The dance is really simple but I feel that is deceptive. You know those dances that look easy and then you attempt them and fail? Although I like that the dance looks simple as it goes with the vibe of the song. Sometimes when there is a powerful choreography for a sultry song it just doesn’t look right. So the dance suits the song well and I love how they go hard at the end. It’s like Yuri is like, “Ah ha now is my time to bust a move!” She’s such a great dancer so I enjoyed that part.

Oh and I also like the feminine elements of the dance. She just makes it all so effortless!

The music video! I have one word for you, class! In fact no I have two words class and sexy! She is just all woman and the mv expressed that. The song is about her falling for someone right? I feel like whoever that is would immediately accept her confession or whatever after seeing the video, girl was too beautiful. I like videos where people get to dance and wear cool outfits when it’s done right and this was done right. I loved the look and the different locations and how it was edited together. The only look I did not like was the brown pants one. Also she got to walk across galaxies when she wasn’t killing it dancing. I guess that is what it is like to fall in love *thinking pose*.

Those are my thoughts on Yuri’s new song. Have you checked it out? You should.

Until next time,

Happy listening.

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