Red Velvet: Dark and Sultry

Welcome to part one of my Red Velvet feature! In this post I shall be talking about Red Velvet songs that I love that are sexy and smooth. The songs on their albums are fire and I had to highlight them.

You Better Know

This song is warm and fuzzy with an uplifting message. It’s like Red Velv transferred a sun into my heart. The song talks about being yourself and owning who you are. The girls are telling us or themselves that you/they better believe that you/they will make it and achieve your/their dreams.

If you’re feeling de motivated this is a good song. Or if you’re in need of uplifting it’s a good song.

I Just

This song got me from the beginning when Wendy sang: “It’s time to stop crying” oooh! Chills! This is another one of my favourites that I listen to a lot on repeat, it’s just my style.

I like how they play with their voices throughout the song and in the chorus with the “I~~~ I Just leave I I just leave”. For me Seulgi owns this song, she stood out for me a lot.

Body Talk

I thought this would be about sexy times but no it’s actually kind of sad, to me anyway. It about how the body language of their boyfriend is telling them that he’s somewhere else and that a break up is coming. The guy is falling out of love and they don’t like it.

It’s got that dark and sultry feel for sure with its low tones. It draws me in and the harmony is perfectly velvet and makes the sound ten times better.

The pause after “still in love” though!

Little Little

Another tune!

This song perfectly expresses what it is like to be in love in my opinion. It’s relaxing, sweet, beautiful and very RnB.

There are songs that calm me in any situation and carry me away with the sweet melody; this is one of those songs.

Light Me Up

This song is a nice fast paced chill song. It flows well and is easy listening. It’s got nice sappy lyrics about love. They talk about how the light from the dude casts away the darkness and how he lights them up. Ah, young (or old) love.

It’s a velvet song but it’s not too slow, hence the weird introduction I gave. If you don’t like it, don’t worry there are slower velvet songs out there.

Perfect 10

At first I wasn’t sure what they were saying in the lyrics. I thought, “Wait, record what?” Then after like the third time listening and reading I got it. Their relationship is caught on film or is like a film, it’s a metaphor. The man is to capture everything about her to store in his mind forever so he never loses her. It’s a sweet metaphor really.

The song itself is very smooth to listen to. The harmonies like always are on point: “I’ll be your perfect 10 10 10”, definitely fits into the sultry category for me.

Kingdom Come

This is one of favourite Red Velvet songs. It’s so beautiful! I love the dark sound, the harmony blends that weave in and out. The staccato drum beat goes perfect with the melody and adds to the atmosphere. It’s my kind of love song.

Honestly I’ll find myself singing “I got you, you got me, love you till kingdom come” when washing the dishes.

I don’t know it’s just beautiful in every way.


That’s it for my dark and sultry Red Velvet playlist. Tune in next time for more playlists!

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