A Soulmate Is Not Always Romantic

Do you believe in soulmates?

I’m not sure if I do however I have met or seen people and relationships that have made me think that soulmates do indeed exist.

Traditionally the idea of soulmates is applied to romantic relationships. As in you meet a guy (talking from my point of view) and he’s “the one” for you. He’s the one you were destined to be with. Now I take this theory with a grain of salt because how do you know you’ve met the right one? What if they die and then you remarry? Is the new husband your new soulmate? Can you have more than one?

However having said that I have seen and known couples who I have thought, “You two really were meant for each other.” It’s scary, sometimes they even look alike!

Anyway, when I was in University I first started thinking about soulmate best friends. This pairing isn’t romantic but there is a lot of love there. I mean have you ever seen friends who were just meant for each other in a platonic way?

I’ll give you TV and Kpop examples that you can look up to see what I mean. Take Turk and JD from Scrubs for Example Number One. They loved each other and Turk literally knew everything about JD. I almost enjoyed their interactions more than their interactions with Carla and Elliot.

Example number two: Cory and Shawn from Boy Meets World. They were truly soulmates. Shawn and Cory had each other’s back no matter what. Their bond was so strong that at one point Shawn’s then girlfriend got jealous and tried to ruin their friendship. Topanga even said at one point that she wished Cory would love her as much as he loved Shawn. Now they were never into each other romantically but they loved each other unconditionally and it was like they were meant for each other.

Example number three: Eunhyuk and Donghae. This is a kpop example. These guys are best friends and there are people who ship them romantically but for me I don’t, I think of it more as a brotp. They’re real people and have a real friendship. They’ve been in the same group for more than ten years and have known each other since before Super Junior. Watching them and seeing how they work together restores my faith in humanity. I don’t know am I the only one who feels warm and fuzzy seeing such healthy and beautiful friendships? I especially get happy when it’s between men as men don’t get to enjoy the friendship bond women do because two men getting along great is always assumed to be romantic. I mean can’t two guys just be best friends? Why do they have to explain it? Girls don’t explain it. Anyway mild tangent, their friendship is heart-warming and it’s cool that it has survived the sometimes brutal kpop industry.

I have also had moments with my own friends. Once in Secondary School I was talking to my friend about our friendship and how if I had never moved to England we would never have met. However she then turned around and said that she believed we would have met somehow and someway as some people are destined to meet each other. I’m not going to lie I was touched. That still touches me to this day.

There’s another friend of mine that I get along with so well and we literally have no secrets. She’s my person. We rarely fight and at this point we’re approaching married couple territory. Sometimes I think to myself, there is no way you would not have been in my life one way or another.

And with those two friends I have just mentioned one of them is straight and the other is not and we have never had any romantic feelings for each other. It’s just platonic love.

So yeah I believe soulmates can exist outside of romance. I believe the romantic kind of soulmate isn’t the only kind. What do you think?

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