Red Velvet: Fast and Twerky

Welcome to part two of my Red Velvet feature! This time I shall be talking about the songs that get me dancing and getting my twerk on.

Mr E

Let’s start off chill ish. This is a cute one. I like the word play of the Mr E and mystery. I especially like the build-up to the chorus; I think it’s my favourite part of the song, that and the word play. The bridge is also fun.

Oh and Wendy’s sweet high note anyone? It woke me up (sometimes I listen to music as I sleep).

It’s about a guy they’re falling for and trying to get close to but they’re nervous and so it’s hard. #relatable

Don’t U Wait No More

I didn’t expect to love this one but I do. Their overlapping voices, the upbeat-ness of the song and the cute fast rap singing. The back and forth between Irene and Yeri is one of my favourite parts.

The song is saying make a move! (Simple lyrics explanation by Gift *smiles, winks and clicks fingers at you*)


This one is interesting. I love the way it starts and the build-up to the chorus (again), it’s just so good.

I like the lyrics as well as I feel everyone has experienced this. You know when a guy is being irritating and not leaving you alone even though you’re not interested? Yeah this is the song for you. They looked into your mind and wrote the song. It’s so creative. A strong diss track.

Lady’s Room

This is a song about what lady’s do in the bathroom or restroom, talk about everything including relationships. I like it for its fun beat and also because of its relatable lyrics. Sometimes you’ve got to talk to your girls first before you make a move!

Time Slip

This song may have been written just for me. They may have looked into my soul and understood my essence. I mean a song about sleep, is there anything more perfect?

They love sleep and dreaming and they’re asking, “Please don’t wake me up!” it’s #relatable AF. #quality content

I also like the song musically.

Stupid Cupid

The beginning made me think of mystery television shows, it would be the perfect theme song for one. But then at the chorus it sort of changes, it still would make a great OST for some show.

It has many fun parts. The way Seulgi hits that “Wake up!” I felt it and then Wendy hits her “Wake up” at the end like it’s nothing. They’re determined to kill me.

At first I wasn’t sure what they were saying and then I got it. They were telling cupid to get it together (I mean the title should have clued me in). They’re asking for him to just once do them a solid and get them the guy they like. Again #relatable

Happily Ever After

Ay! This one may be one of my favourite top three twerky Red Velv songs. I mean when Joy comes in with that “Hap Hap Hap x70” it’s like “Yass!” I dare you not to twerk when listening to that.

I love how they still hit their harmonies in a bop of a song. It takes the song to another level.

It’s about an independent, modern princess who falls in love with an ordinary man and makes a move on him first. A woman who goes after her happy ending, I’m for it.

Talk to Me

This is one I heard even before I went listening to Red Velvet’s whole discography (except the Japanese album). It’s sweet and has good harmonies (duh). It’s fun and light hearted and Wendy’s ad libs are gold.


This one is a tune! It’s one of my favourite fast and twerky songs. The jungle theme and sounds, the elephant sounds that aren’t annoying and that fit perfectly with the song, the upbeat chorus and Seulgi’s Tarzan yell it’s all perfect. No one can tell me nothing I love this song!

I also love it because Irene’s rap in this is long and just made me happy. I’ve also mentioned before how I like it when they play with their voices and this song is another one of those. Also when Wendy comes in with: 네 모든 걸! It’s just… yes!

Oh and it’s a love song with cute jungle metaphors.


So that’s it for my fast and twerky Red Velvet playlist. Tune in next time for more playlist fun! This is fast becoming a music blog… when did that happen?

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