Aquaman – Review (Finally!!)

I have been waiting to do this review for the longest time. I did a post on my love of Aquaman when it was announced that Jason Momoa was going to be the new Aquaman and finally I get to talk about his solo movie.

I’m one of those people who loves both DC and Marvel, however Marvel has been kicking DC’s butt of late. I have faith in DC though and I was sure Aquaman was going to be good. Also Marvel and DC have different charms and those DC charms definitely came through with this movie.

Before I get started I would like to say that I’ve started doing YouTube videos so if you’re interested in seeing those go ahead and look me up. The channel is under the same name as this blog and covers mostly the same content. Also I’ve only just started so don’t mind the basic set up.

On with the review! So my review is very spoiler-y on YouTube so on here I’ll keep it spoiler free.

I enjoyed the movie. It was formed like a story. I like it when a movie tells me a story and this one told me the story of Atlantis, Arthur Curry and the future of Atlantis with Arthur. The way the story was told was unchronological and I quite liked that. We already know Arthur and so really this movie fleshed out his story, his past and his future from what we already know.

The characters in this movie were fleshed out too. Orm wasn’t a 2D villain he had motive and he was hurt by his past and so going on his journey with him was interesting. Patrick Wilson is also very good at playing villains so as soon as I saw him I was stoked. Willem Dafoe as Vulko was also pretty good. He surprised me, I didn’t know his character would be like that and so it was a happy surprise. I’m glad it wasn’t revealed in the trailers the role he’d play. Mera was powerful as a character and the actor, Amber Heard, had a strong presence. She held her ground next to Arthur and was given her own spotlight rather than sharing it with him, that was something else I liked. It was great to see Nicole Kidman playing such a kickass character, I’m not gonna lie. Honestly characters can make or break a movie and they certainly made it.

The only character that felt out of place for me was Black Manta. I felt his motivations were very 2D and really I didn’t understand why he blamed Arthur when it was his own fault he ended up in that mess. So for me, he was annoying. I feel like the movie didn’t need him as a villain as Ocean Master was good enough. I feel they should have introduced him in this one and then they should have focused on him as a villain in the second movie.

The cinematography was great. The world building that was done was so imaginative and beautiful. I love how they incorporated the animals, the ancient world that Atlantis comes from and Earth. I love how they made them seem like they were underwater and how their voices sounded when underwater. It was all well done. And some of the shots in the movie were spectacular! When they were training on the beach or the scene with the Trench… it was both chilling and strangely beautiful. I was both horrified and speechless.

Of course I liked the soundtrack. DC always wins on this front. They give each character a theme, even the villains, and the themes worked so well. Even the theme for the Trench, oh it was creepy and set my teeth on edge but that was the point. Arthur’s theme is very 80’s (or 70’s) funky with that short guitar riff that they have whenever he’s having a badass moment, my ears zeroed in on that guitar moment when I was watching the movie, I wish it lasted longer in the actual track.

All in all I give this movie a 4.5 out of 5. I’ve watched it twice and watching it twice I ended up liking it more.

What did you think of the movie (if you have watched it)?

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