Exo – Love Shot (Repackaged Review)

I’m back with another album review. There are only three new songs in this repackaged album but that’s the norm. Henceforth I shall be talking about those new songs only.

Well actually I’ll be talking about two. I have already talked about Love Shot on my YouTube channel of the same name as my blog (yeah I’m trying it out) so I shall be talking about Wait and Trauma on here.

Let’s start with Wait:

We’re not getting a winter album this year but we did get a winter song. Wait is perfect for the sad, cold and depressing months. I kid, but really it’s great for the season. It’s soft, sweet and calm. It’s perfect for when you want to chill or have a chill time before bed.

In the song the boys are talking about their love and the memories of their love whilst they wait for their significant other to come back. I like the meaning behind the song. It’s not depressing but rather hopeful and ever so sweet.

As for the singing there are some nice falsetto notes in there like yes! Xiumin and Kai killed it with their singing. Sehun has been praised for his singing in this song and to that I say he’s been killing it!! Man is finally getting recognised yes!

Onto Trauma:

It’s the most hype song of the three new ones but in a different kind of way. It’s the kind of hype that makes you want to do Latin ballroom dances to, or at least I do. It’s funky and sweet.

I especially loved Chanyeol’s and Sehun’s rap in this. The back and forth was great with the ay! That never fails to get me hype. Plus I just love how Chanyeol writes his raps, this song brought us “hit you with the lean” yes Chanyeol!

As for the meaning of the song they seem to talking about a past trauma that haunted them whether it be something they did wrong or wrong they had done to them. Through the song they encounter the trauma/darkness head on and overcome it. That’s what I like about this song, you go through a journey and in the end you overcome your trauma. It’s encouraging.

The repackaged is mellower, smoother and sweeter and is a perfect continuation of Don’t Mess Up My Tempo. My personal favourite out of the new three is Trauma. What about you? What’s your favourite and what do you think about the new album?

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