Songs I Missed in 2018!!

There are many songs that I missed last year in kpop. I don’t know how it happened, actually I do I’ve become picky in my established kpop fan life. However, good songs always find me. These guys found me around December ’18 and January ’19 but I’ve been procrastinating and taking a break from blogging and so I’m only just getting around to writing this post now.

Let’s get to it shall we?


Twice – Dance the Night Away

Twice normally is too cutesy for me. I like Orange Caramel type cutesy and Twice goes in a totally different direction that’s not for me. However I do have songs of theirs that I like and Dance the Night Away is a new addition.

It is light hearted and fun! It does what it says on the tin and it gets you dancing, at least it got me dancing.

Plus the actual dance to the song is fun and I am definitely going to learn it!

The music style fits right up my alley and so just listening to it made me happy. It’s a good song what can I say?

I love the looks that they wore and how healthy and sun kissed everyone was looking, especially Jihyo. I love her.

The music video is all kinds of cute and not the cute that sets me on edge but the kind of cute that warms my heart. Although it did get a little cheesy at times.


PLT – Hocus Pocus

I was introduced to this song watching Jre’s top songs in 2018. That one part that he played got me hooked and I had to check out the song.

It’s a real good song. It’s got a chill RnB vibe with amazing vocals by Jiwoo, June and Gaho. Honestly it’s like their vocals are made of honey.

And the rap by Moti though? I like it.

Honestly though I loved Villain’s bit the most. The way he hit those notes though! It hit me in my soul.


Jay Park – V and Sexy 4 Eva

I love Jay Park but I’ve been slacking, I’ve been slacking so hard! He’s been coming out with gems left, right and centre and I’ve missed them all. I don’t think there’s a song of Jay’s that I don’t like so I picked two from last year that I missed and found and now like.

First there is V. I love the look of the music video with the animation and bright (highly pink) colours. I also like the cultural diversity in music video with the ladies from all around the world. This fits in with the lyrics of the song.

I like reading Jay Park’s lyrics more than listening to the song sometimes because they’re so clever and funny and real.

The next song is Sexy 4 Eva. This one is another diverse music video and I just loved the message behind it. I believe sexy is a state of mind and if you feel it, it will manifest outwardly. It will show basically. Therefore as long as you have this state of mind you’ll be sexy forever. I feel that is what Jay Park is saying with this song.

I love that the people featured in the music video are people who I would see in real life, real people and they were shown in the way that suits them, in the way that shows their sexiness. It was beautiful and I enjoyed it. So yeah it’s one of my favourites from Jay Park.


Z.Tao – Breaking up but not Splitting Up

I actually listened to this song as soon as it came out. I love Tao and so I’m always there to check out his new songs however I didn’t talk about it on here and so I’m taking the time to now.

I don’t like ballads or rather I’m very picky when it comes to ballads. Tao’s ballads are one of the few that I like. They’re so peaceful and relaxing. They get me in a contemplative mood and calm down my emotions.

I really like this song; I think it’s beautiful and sweet. I love that he incorporates Chinese instruments into his music, he did it with this song and it elevated it making it better.

If you haven’t already I recommend that you check it out.


That is all for now, thank you for reading and until next time,


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