My Top 5 Dancers in Kpop

I love dance. I love to watch people dance, to watch dance movies and to dance myself.

I dance when I am sad, happy or angry. And when I can’t go to the gym I find mirrored kpop dance practises  and essentially follow them. It’s great cardio honestly and it’s so much fun.

So today I would like to talk about my favourite dancers in kpop. I’ve narrowed the list down to five but honestly I like so many dancers in kpop. There are many talented people but I can’t talk about them all.

First up is,


I love me some Sehun. One of the things I love about him is his dancing.

A while back he got a lot of hate from people who believed he wasn’t talented. I remember finding that odd because clearly they had not seen him dance. He wasn’t just good at doing the group’s dances he could freestyle too.

I remember they’d go on shows, way back in baby Exo days, and they’d tell him to dance and he’d just do it! It was like he was one with the music. That was when I realised his talent was dancing and I always looked out for him in their choreographies.

I like his style. It’s very laid-back. It’s almost like he doesn’t care but he hits all the moves. Or rather that he’s very confident and that confidence comes out. He has great posture as well and that contributes to his style.

Honestly I just like watching him move.

And most importantly, he’s sexy. Not in a forced way either, he’s just sexy. It comes out when he’s feeling the song and that’s fun to watch.

Onto number 2,


I think she was dancing in the womb. She is good at any style of dance. You teach her and she’s got it and it looks natural. I remember she went on the Korean version of Strictly Come Dancing (Dancing with the Stars for Americans) and they phrased her on how naturally she picked up ballroom dancing.

I kind of feel sorry for whoever she went up against because she certainly had an advantage.

As she’s in SNSD she’s done mostly the girl group type dances but on variety shows she began to show the exact amount of skills that she had. My favourite is when she pop and locks. I’m glad she got to show her talents and that we now know just how much she can do.

I love that she enjoys dancing. She truly enjoys it and I can feel it which makes me enjoy the dance even more. Even when she’s messing around it’s good.

She’s one of the best female dancers in kpop so I hope she gets to show off her dancing again. It’s been a while.

Number 3 is,

N (Hakyeon) 

N from Vixx is different from everyone else on this list as he’s a contemporary dancer. I love contemporary dance!

It is the dance of emotions. You really have to feel it and express it. The audience has to feel it too. Honestly it is one of the more beautiful forms of dance. I could watch it all day. I could watch N all day.

I have a post on here where I talked about one of the dances that he did on Vixx’s YouTube channel. It was art! It’s like he’s painting with his body.

Whatever theme it is that he has he delivers on it.

I have no words, I love him!

Also he’s another sexy one. With some people they get embarrassed or shy being sexy  but N does not care. He’s like, “You need sexy, I got it.” And he does it effortlessly. I don’t know if he freaks out behind the scenes but on stage he is completely confident.

With sexiness you’ve got to feel it and believe it otherwise it comes off awkward or creepy.

Now onto number 4,

J Hope

I couldn’t have a list of dancers and not have at least one member from BTS. That group is full of phenomenal dancers.

I decided on J Hope as he’s my favourite. I love his style. It’s like he has no bones sometimes. He can make his body move in ways I thought not possible. Or at least I thought he’d hurt himself but he mostly comes out fine.

He goes all out and he isn’t afraid to do any kind of dance. I remember he was challenged in whaacking (I think) when they were on that American Hustle show and I’ll never forget how he came out and just served them all. (Anyone remember You Got Served?)

His stage name really became a self fulfilling prophecy  as even his dancing is full of hope. I swear he emits positive vibes.

I like how he likes to share and to teach others and to introduce others to the joy of dance. He is unselfish with his dancing and that’s a quality I like. I mean have you seen Hope on the Street (on V App).

Last but not least is,


I love how hard she goes in.

She has been killing it from day one when she was a teenager and starting out with 2ne1. I remember she used to go on shows and show her skills but that stopped after a while and I was disappointed. I mean she was so good!

She still is good.

She has a talent for dancing to hip hop. Not many  females in the kpop industry go as hard as she does.

Now that she’s left 2ne1 we get to see a lot more of her. She gets to shine more and we’re seeing her dancing again. She uploads dancing videos on Instagram and on YouTube. Honestly, her leaving 2ne1 was the best thing for her. They had good years but in those last few she didn’t get to blossom as much.

I’m happy seeing her blossom now.


So that’s my top 5 what are yours?

Until next time,


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