My Favourite Comebacks of April

April has been a nice month for kpop. I mean musically. I have liked a couple of songs and I wanted to share them with you.

My list may surprise you but these are my own personal favourites sooo without further ado let’s get to it!

Jay Park – Dank 

Jay Park makes good hardcore hip hop songs and good chill RnB songs. This one is the chill RnB kind.

It is very relaxing and soothing. I think it would make great cruising music. If only England had roads like America where you could take scenic drives. Maybe down south in Cornwall they have them. Ah this song would just be perfect for a drive on a summer’s day.

In my opinion the lyrics are about living your best life and being grateful. He seems appreciative of where he is and thinks he’s dank. I like that. It was uplifting for me actually. It encouraged me to be positive and to celebrate where I am and where I’m going.

The music video had cool special effects. I liked the paint one where it looked like someone was painting across the screen. You can actually see the texture the effect is so detailed. I also liked the collage effect. It made for fun viewing. (Also there seemed to be an abundance of flowers).

Twice – Fancy

This song is right up my alley of Twice songs that I like. I love their dance songs where they’re having fun.

It’s cute but it’s not too cute that I can’t stand it.

I am addicted already.

I liked this song from first listen and that rarely happens so I knew I was about to be low-key obsessed for a couple of weeks. It has a nice melody and has me dancing which is always a plus.

The dance itself I want to learn. It looks complicated as they make shapes at certain points but I can do it! I’ve been watching so many fancams that music shows do these days that I think I have half the dance down. I deffo have the main bit down.

When I first listened to it I thought they were being fancy as in bougie. But then when I checked out the lyrics they meant fancy as in I fancy you. I was like, “Oh, how did I not get that?” That then made the music video make sense.

There’s no story, it’s just them in weird extra sensory places, holding planets like balloons and that. But when I thought about the lyrics I thought, “Hey what if they’re showing a visual representation of what it’s like to have a crush?” And that made sense to me so that’s what I’m going with.

Chanyeol – SSFW

Chanyeol! I don’t think it’s a secret I’m an Exo fan. Right?

So they’ve been branching out of late. There are members going to the army, Xiumin is the first one, and so the remaining members need some projects to fill the time they’re apart. Some are doing acting, modelling, gaming and others are doing solo (or duo) work. Chen has just debuted as a solo artist and now we have this little gem from Chanyeol on SM station.

When I saw his teasers on his Insta I was confused by the title. I only got it when I saw the music video and read the Korean title. It made the music video less creepy.

So at first I was like, “Wow Chanyeol there are four chicks who look the same in the restaurant but are wearing different outfits… I call witchcraft, run!” … I think I’ve been watching too many Red Velvet mvs.

Luckily it wasn’t witchcraft but a love story with a lot of symbolism and a great car. A sexy car!

I kind of wish there had been more added to the love story line. Also they could have been heavier handed with the seasons theme but otherwise it was a good music video.

The song itself is smooth and chill. It’s between being a chill RnB number and  a cheerful ballad. There’s no rap in the song so we get to bask in Chanyeol’s singing. He’s a jack of all trades when it comes to music honestly.

Nu’est – Bet Bet 

Nu’est is back and they are five again! They snuck in there to make it for my April list.

I got into Nu’est way back when I first got into kpop. They’ve had a rough few years but they’re finally getting recognition.

I like that through it all they’ve kept their sound. They play around with certain elements but their core sound remains the same. I wouldn’t say it’s EDM but it is electronic and I like it. That mixed with their voices works really well.

They did not come to play in the music video either. Baekho especially was serving looks to the camera. The whole concept worked well.

The lyrics talked about love but I liked how they were like, “Listen I’m giving you a chance, I’m betting on us but if you don’t pick me that’s fine! You don’t have to pick me.” They’re so secure. They don’t need the chicks validation. I liked that element of the lyrics.

I also liked the end where it was like, “And they lived happily ever after,” it tied in nicely with the symbolism of having Minhyun back.


So that is my April list. Who have you been into this month gone?

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