Avengers Endgame Review (SPOILERS)

I have watched Endgame! I watched it much faster than I did Infinity War although Infinity War was ruined for me and Endgame wasn’t. Although I did watch Emergency Awesome’s spoiler review of Endgame because I wanted to know if I’d be sad at the end. But that was my choice. With Infinity War I was just minding my own business and it was ruined.

Anyway, back on topic… I’m here with a review!

There will be SPOILERS in this review so if you haven’t watched it yet then stop reading this VERY INSTANCE and save yourself!!!


Have you stopped reading?





Well done…


Ok, so I’ll do a sandwich: positive, negative and positive. If you disagree with my criticisms that is totally fine but don’t get rude. I’ve seen people get mad at people who dislike certain aspects of the movie and I don’t think that’s fair. People are entitled to their own opinions and as long as they don’t push their views on you don’t push your views on them. I think we all need to learn how to have a debate without killing each other.

First off I thought the story flowed well plot wise. It was clear and concise and it was not convoluted. With some movies when they have so much pressure to deliver they go overboard and get too complicated with the story but this time they didn’t. Everything made sense; it flowed well from beginning to end. Although the last five minutes ruined it for me. I’ll get to that in the negative portion.

I liked that the solution wasn’t easy. We really saw them struggle. When Tony came back from space he was messed up and rightfully so. It takes five years for them to find a solution and they only really find it because of Scott. I liked that Ant Man was important to the plot of Endgame. I mean he be winning.

Can you imagine if he’d never been freed?

How come they never gave his van to his daughter? Was it because the world was in chaos? But they had time to put it in lock up and to secure it.

Another thing I liked was the humour in the movie. I was not expecting it. I thought it’d be so emotional that I’d sit there with teary eyes for the whole three hours but I didn’t. There were genuine humour moments. And the moments weren’t put in inappropriate places which I liked.

Speaking of the three hours, I didn’t feel it. I don’t know if it’s because Lord of the Rings but it didn’t feel so long. However maybe that’s because it was written well. As I have seen shorter movies that felt like three hours due to bad writing.

Onto my criticisms:

Professor Hulk was slightly annoying. He was like a smart frat bro. There were some mannerisms that I did not like. It was an interesting twist but I would have liked it better if they had developed Hulk. In the comics there are other facets to Hulk’s character. But in the movies we only meet Hulk in combat situations so of course he’s always angry. Hulk doesn’t get to adjust to peace much so I would have liked to see that.

It all came crumbling down because of Nebula. No one thought about her being linked to her past self? Ok I can allow a pass for that as she’s never gone back in time before. But how did Rhodey not notice? Their phasing out was a bit weird did he not ask her what that was about? I guess they were urgent but what about Nebula’s warning message? Did they not get it?

It was an unexpected plot twist. I don’t totally hate it as it gave us an ending conflict and they were always bound to run into Thanos but yeah, it was weird how it happened. I thought they’d just run into old Nebula and be like, “Oh no! Let’s hurry back! Grab the stone!” That would have made more sense.

Thor needed a hug. He has been through so much since Ragnarok. He needed comfort and a lot of counselling and no one seems to realise that in the movie. No one checked in on him and when they reunite they don’t help him. I thought with Steve attending that counselling group he’d know how to help Thor but that doesn’t happen. So they take a broken man on a mission and are shocked when he can barely function.

I am so glad the scenes with his mother were included. I felt like because of those meetings he finally got to start the healing process. They were so well done and they made me love Frigga just a bit more.

People were shocked about Thor being fat and I also wasn’t expecting that direction for his character but it made sense. People deal with grief in different ways, his was overeating and alcohol.

I always get mad when people say women watch The Avengers because of hot dudes and it’s true there are hot dudes but that’s not why we watch the movies! For me I fall for the characters. Thor is kind, a badass and a hard worker. He is loyal and takes too much on his shoulders. He is also funny. He’s a beautiful character who is more than his body.

Sorry I had to have an “I love Thor!!!” moment.

This isn’t necessarily a criticism I’m just sad about this fact. Heimdall, Loki and Gamora (as we knew her) are never coming back. They weren’t killed by the snap and thus were not brought back. I did expect this but a part of me still hoped I was wrong. I wasn’t and so I’m sad. I loved Heimdall. Side note: I am happy that Loki died a hero, doing something good, standing up to Thanos for his brother.

With Gamora I don’t know how I feel about that. She’s back but she’s not the same. It’s like she’s a different person. How do you deal with that? Is Peter really going to look for her?

Moving on I did not like how they dealt with Natasha’s death. She was a central character for the longest time. She means a lot. She was the only female Avenger for the longest time. She represents so much and was a friend to everyone and she died on the soul stone planet. She didn’t get a funeral not even a little service. I would have expected Hawkeye to give her one on his farm as she was family but we didn’t even get that. That made me sad honestly and my friend sad as Natasha was her favourite character.

My last criticism is to do with Steve’s storyline. It was out of character. I mean he went back into time to be with Peggy and basically erased her past family and all that they did. How is that not messing with the timeline? It’s even worse that the directors and the writers can’t agree on how Steve did it. I go with the writers’ point of view as they wrote it and it fits with the in universe time travel rules. So he stayed in the past, lived a house husband life and then as an old man came to meet Bucky, Sam and Professor Hulk.

So he just sat there whilst Bucky was tortured? He just sat there whilst Hydra grew within Shield? How is that something Steve would do?

And if they were going to do this why did they set up Steve and Sharon?!?! I never thought that was weird as I knew why they forced it into Civil War as they were trying to follow the comics but they made the mistake of not building up and putting the kiss after the funeral. That was weird. Even until Infinity War they were still pursuing that, they were going to have a scene with Sharon in there. So then why did they decide to have him go back to Peggy? The ending just felt tacked on honestly and it did not make sense.

I would have understood if he went back, had a dance with Peggy and then came back. He got his closure like the other characters and got to come back. I mean all the other characters met their painful pasts and got closure so why did Steve go back when he’d decided to move on in Winter Soldier and he’d found his family in Age of Ultron?

There are people who say Steve deserved a happy ending. I agree. However this was not the only option. He could have retired and lived his merry beautiful life. He could have married someone else and started the Rogers line again. Peggy and Sharon are not the only women in the universe!

Also Peggy had her own life and a genuine love with Daniel Sousa but they just pretended like that did not exist! I know enough fans watched Agent Carter so we know about Sousa! I loved their relationship.

They stripped Peggy down to nothing more than a love interest and that was a shitty move in my eyes.

There are people who will read this and think, oh she’s a Stucky shipper and you know what I am. However I never, NEVER, expected Steve and Bucky to end up together. This is going to sound like a humble brag or a straight up brag but I’m too logical for that.

Let’s look at Disney’s history and Marvel’s history. The Avengers, the original team, was all white with one female. They have only just had a female solo movie. How long have we been asking for a Black Widow movie? How long?!

Also how long did it take for us to get POC in the Avengers and in the MCU as a lead and not the side kick? Disney and Marvel are not about representation. Honestly sometimes it feels like we force them into it.

The LGBT representation that they bragged about in the movie was the director playing a guy who was gay and who mentions his boyfriend for five seconds in a three hour movie. It’s like, *side eye* you really think that counts as substantial representation.

There are people who say oh but Valkyrie is bi sexual and I’m like, did they show that? Mention it in the movie explicitly. Yeah, I didn’t think so.

So I never thought Stucky would happen. I did however think that their friendship meant something. If my friend was dusted and I got her back I for sure would hug her and cry a little and then fill her in on stuff that’s happened after we kick Thanos’s butt. But Steve and Bucky barely even acknowledge each other. Suddenly Sam is his best friend and I’m sorry but since when? Yes Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie are bros but where in the movies have they ever been best buds? Where have they bonded?

Plus I thought Bucky and Steve were secure men free from toxic masculinity despite the time they come from. I thought they could hug and be like, “I’m so glad you’re back!” *separate to kick or shot a villain* “I was stuck with people who didn’t get my jokes for five years! I’ve missed you.”

Was that so hard?

I mean there are many people who liked their friendship. I feel they were disappointed too.

Let’s end with the positives.

The movie had great female representation, finally. The part where they took on Thanos was very obviously done by the directors (like: “This is for you ladies”) but I still loved it. I will always love the females killing ass.

Captain America is worthy but we all knew that. It is said in Thor that whoever is worthy may wield the power of Thor and Thor’s power is his hammer and lightning so I wasn’t mad. And he only wielded lightning when holding Mjolnir.

I loved the moment where Thor braided his beard with his lightning. He’s so cute.

The final battle was truly epic. It was well choreographed and everyone worked as a team and it just… it was glorious!!

They achieved their mission. They got back all those who were snapped! That moment when they all appeared was heart-warming. I almost got emotional in the theatre.

Thanos was killed twice. Oh the vindication! That was most satisfying. He was a good villain and he made some good points but he took the crazy train off a cliff. He also talked too much like dude, we don’t care about your opinions. There are other ways to save the universe without carnage! So yeah I was happy to see him go… twice!

The best thing about the movie was that it was a perfect send off for Tony. He started the MCU train and we can’t forget that. It’s satisfying that he got to end this phase and that he was the hero. Every moment with him in the movie was done well. We saw him broken and then healed and then with a family. It was just so beautiful. So yes, Endgame was a love letter to Tony.

So I look forward to the future, Sam Wilson is the new Captain America, I think they made the right choice as Bucky doesn’t need that drama nor can he handle it right now. Apparently we’re going to get a Black Widow movie… I shall look forward to that.

So thank you for reading all that, I had a lot of thoughts.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to share!

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