My Favourite Comebacks of May

I’m going to jump straight in. I was blessed this month.

EXID – Me and You

This song had me from the beginning with its bomb ass beat! I just love the way it starts all sexy and then with Hani and Solji doing that me, “Me and me and you!” Ooh yes!

The beat in the song is the exact kind of music that gets me wining or moving my hips and that’s exactly what I do every time I hear the song.

The only thing I don’t like is the chorus breakdown. It kind of takes me out of the song and I could have done without it. So that would be my only criticism.

I liked the music video as always. I love the neon colours and the way it was shot. I just didn’t get the significance of the wedding dresses. I looked up the lyrics and still don’t get how it relates. Either way I love the song!

Bibi – Binu (비누)

The title means soap and knowing this helps you understand the song better. Luckily the song is subbed so we can all understand it. Although I feel like they did well relating the music video to the lyrics.

From what I gathered the song is about starting a fresh, washing off the bad memories and being reborn. It’s also like she’s encouraging us to do the same.

I like the melody and her tone of voice. It’s soothing and deep and has that Indie vibe that I like.

If you’re not into Kpop as much and prefer Indie music I highly recommend this one.

Hyolyn – You Know Better

The music video for this song was very simple and I liked that as it enabled me to focus more on the lyrics and meaning of the song. We see Hyolyn in a vulnerable setting and it was refreshing. It’s not that I want to see her sad but rather I like seeing her range. She has a duality about her in that she can be really confident and sexy but also shy and self-conscious.

This song is to an ex-lover I’m assuming. Someone she loved but had to let go as she wanted to carry on being the person’s friend but that person didn’t want that. It’s like she’s pretending to be strong whilst on the inside she’s breaking, in the song that is.

The lyrics explore all of that better than I’m explaining so I recommend you check it out.

Got7 – Eclipse

At first I wasn’t into this song. Then I listened to it again and I was like, wait I’m tripping it’s a good song.

It’s another song written by JB. In my point of view it is about them feeling the responsibility to take care of someone to be the rock that person relies on. But they doubt themselves and so they’re fighting against that doubt and insecurity. Also that person they’re endeavouring to protect ends up being their light, the one keeping them focused on their goal.

The album, I think, has the theme of security and insecurity finding the balance between the two I guess and this song highlights that. It doesn’t just have to be in a romantic situation like in the song I feel it can apply to a myriad other situations.

I especially like the choreography. I love it when they get creative with their theme and Got7 certainly did that with this comeback. I recommend checking out their live stage as well.

Honourable Mentions

Like I said there have been many good songs out this past May. I enjoyed CLC’s Me. I love songs where having a healthy self-esteem is encouraged. I’m liking the direction CLC is going. They’re really becoming boss ass women and it’s great to see. Lee Hi also came back with a song No One basically talking about how she doesn’t want to be alone anymore. I enjoyed the song and B.I.’s featuring. Apparently the music video is about The Little Prince and she was a cat… I only got that half way through the music video. Last but not least Drunken Tiger came out with a new song, I love you too, with his lovely wife Yoon Mi Rae featuring. I love them, it was so cute.

NCT 127 – Superhuman

It’s been a while since I’ve done a NCT comeback, a really long time. The last time I did one was for NCT U’s The 7th Sense, *heavy sigh* that sexy ass song.

I got kind of intimidated by the amount of sub units and I’m not going to lie to you I really hate the whole graduation concept companies are always trying to push so I always avoid such groups. (Although I am glad that with NCT they can leave if they want to freely.)

However when you’re in the kpop world you can’t help but notice certain groups and NCT is one of those groups. NCT 127 in particular has been doing well in America. I thought I’d check out their comeback this time and yo I liked it.

I don’t like SM for many reasons, I could write an essay, but I do like the artists and the producers. They make good music. Sometimes groups write their own stuff or they have stuff written for them which I don’t think is bad.

Anyway this song is bomb!

What caught me especially were the vocals. They really hit the harmonies and the ending when they’re like, “If you want to feel it say yeah… YEAH!” That Yeah though!

Also the dancing, ugh, it hit me in my chest. Their dancing is so satisfying to watch, sexy and clean cut.

Oh and I do not know all the names of the members, just that I like some songs. So I’ll keep checking out their music. But this is what I said about Seventeen and we all know what happened there *side eyes self*.

So that is it for my May recommendations, a little late. I was going to write this for June first but as you can see I did not succeed in doing that.

What were your May favourites?

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