Hidden Gem: Exo – Lady Luck

It’s been a long time hasn’t it? I know, I’ve been slacking on music. Actually no I haven’t been slacking, I’ve been broke so I haven’t been able to add to my music collection on iTunes and that’s where I find my hidden gems when listening to albums.

Also I’m not as heavily into everything in Kpop anymore. I’ve gotten more and more picky and that also affects my hidden gems.

Anyway on with the post!

So it was my birthday recently and I was gifted money and like the responsible adult that I am I spent it on music, namely Exo. Listen, I had so many incomplete albums, I saw an opportunity and I took it!

I’ve listened to all the songs that I got at least once but maybe I was sleeping when I did because when I listened to Lady Luck it hit me like it was brand new.

It is such a good song! I love the way it starts with the heavy beat box and then Tao or Chanyeol (depending on the language) coming in like “Uh lady luck” and then Chen/Baek with those sweet vocals. Oooh! Then the guitar comes in and Chen/Baek starts singing and when the whole melody comes in and they all sing with harmony!?! *faints*

I cannot sit still when listening to this song!

I swear I’ve listened to it before but I really must have been half asleep. I’m so disappointed in myself because I’ve been missing out. But then again maybe it’s a good thing I wasn’t aware of how much I’d love this song as like I said I was only able to complete albums recently. So I completed XOXO, Exodus (Chinese and Korean), Exact and Don’t Mess Up my Tempo (I still have incomplete winter albums and The War).

Can you believe Baek was the one to do the moans in both versions and they just raised the pitch to make it sound like a woman? I learn new things every day.

I love both versions; Chanyeol and Baekhyun really killed it in the Korean version. However for me my favourite is the Chinese version. I mentioned Tao, the song is from the Exodus album back when Exo was OT10 and y’all know, or should know, of my love for Tao and he hits the right spot in this song. Chen also hits the right spot.

Side note: the plus side of the Korean version is the more Korean I learn the more I can understand the song without translations.

Ok I’ve gushed enough. If what I said sounds like it’ll hit your spots too I highly recommend you check out the song.

Honestly the day I stop loving this song take me to the hospital because something is seriously wrong.

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